Yanks in the Motherland: Weekend Rewind

Beginning this week every Monday (or Tuesday) we’ll look back at how Americans did in the ultra competitive leagues of the motherland. These footballers must be commended for their desire to challenge themselves against football’s best in the home of the game: England. Unlike Major League Soccer or USL where poor possession play and bad giveaways are tolerated, in England one mistake could have you on the bench for good. Here’s how our boys did this past weekend:

Jemal Johnson:

Was in the match squad but did not enter MK Dons match against Northampton Town

Clint Dempsey:

Entered the match in the 81st minute as Fulham was defeated by Hull 2-1.

Jay DeMerit:

Played a full 90 minutes in Watford’s 1-0 win over Charlton

Zac Whitbread:

Played a full 90 minutes in Milwall’s 1-1 draw with Southend United

Brad Friedel:

Won his Aston Villa debut 4-2 over Manchester City

Tim Howard:

As has been typical in Howard’s career he made a major mistake late in a match and Blackburn took advantage of it to win 3-2 over Howard’s Everton side.

Marcus Hahnemann:

We now know he’s not headed for the Sounders just yet and he celebrated by keeping a clean sheet against Plymouth in Reading’s 2-0 victory.

Bobby Convey:

Played 84 minutes and helped set up a goal in Reading’s 2-0 victory.

Kyle Davies, Jonathan Spector, and Eddie Johnson did not play

More Site News:

Beginning this week we are going to increase our coverage of Mexican and English Football especially the National Teams. We are also hoping to have more coverage of the Canadian National Team beginning this week. We will be scaling back coverage of Major League Soccer. To get your MLS fix, please listen to Around the League in 90 Minutes, Tuesday’s on CSRN.

We will still cover MLS but only in the context of its affect on the American, Canadian, Mexican and English National Teams. As many of you have noticed we have moved in that direction the last few weeks on the site without making a formal announcement. With World Cup Qualifying beginning this site will focus on the international game.

8 thoughts on “Yanks in the Motherland: Weekend Rewind”

  1. International coverage as far as it affects Americans and Canadians. Many amongst us prefer the England National Team to our own US team so we’ll cover them and obviously Mexican Football is massive. MLS gets plenty of converge: in fact it can be argued it gets too much coverage for a league of its caliber while not enough US National Team or American Abroad coverage is available so now that the European and FMF seasons have restarted that’ll be our focus.

  2. Kartik, I wish you’d leave off the England stuff. They get plenty of pub already and don’t have much to do with the Team USA. I have to question any true U.S. fan who prefers the English team to our own. Why not focus on 1) USA 2) MLS Players worth noting for Team USA 3) Players abroad worth noting, 4) Other Concacaf news and notes 5) USA 6) USA etc., etc. If I want to hear complete EPL and England focus, I can listen to the 2 G’s. Stick with America.

  3. Good suggestions Scott.

    Scratch the England idea except for CONCACAF based players. Michael over at English Soccer Talk (linked on the right side) can cover the England National Team.

  4. Well I am dissapointed you gave in to some of this berating. England gets more coverage because more people are interested in it. Mexico too. The MLS is really difficult to watch even if you try as I do and I am struck by how much more quality is an any random Mexican match than MLS match.

    As far as England it’s the most proper, most entertaining and quite possibly the most skillful game around. Your credibility is non existent if you do not cover it more extensively. Honeslty just as many people in the US are die hard three lions fans as US National Team supporters. The Us fans tend to be geeks while the England supporters understand the game better and are less in your face about it.

  5. I like how Rex tells us that English fans are “less in your face” while calling US fans geeks.

    I guess my US-formed geekiness would highlight Rex’s grammar and spelling errors, but let’s not go there.

    And I wonder what exactly makes the English game “most proper” amongst the world’s leagues.

    And finally, this new plan of coverage seems weak. Covering Americans abroad isn’t anything new. Ives does it weekly and last I checked, Yanks Abroad is still running and doing a better job than anyone else could. The US men’s national team is covered by plenty of sites (Ives, Goff, TIAS, Sideline Views when the team is at the HDC, etc.). And if I wanted coverage of England, Mexico, or CONCACAF leagues/national teams, I’d search them out as opposed to going to the “American Soccer Spot.”

    But then again, Kartik’s always generally been less about covering and analyzing MLS or the US and more about comparing it to other leagues and national teams.

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