New Manchester City Third Shirt: Your Opinion


Manchester City may want to quickly forget their debut performance in their new third shirt. City wore the new orange football kit for the first time Sunday when they lost 4-2 against an on-song Aston Villa side.

Designed by Le Coq Sportif and sponsored by Thomas Cook, the new Manchester City third shirt features blaze orange as its main color and navy as the trim color. The new shirt will be available as a limited edition in the Man City club shops from September 27, but you can pre-order yours from August 26 via the club website. It will also be on display in the CityStore from Monday, August 18.

My first impression of the shirt was that it looked more like a salmon color than orange. The design is definitely not as awful as Chelsea and Wigan’s day-glo fascination. But, tell me, how many football fans will want to go out and buy a shirt that is the same color as the tops that the scary-looking guys from the prison-release program who pick up the trash on the side of the highway?

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13 thoughts on “New Manchester City Third Shirt: Your Opinion”

  1. I am all for it. Bright colours make it easier for a player to pick out his team mates in his peripheral vision (maybe that’s why teams like Man U, Arsenal & Liverpool have always done well).

    Anyone remember the outcry when England played in Grey a few years ago?

  2. Absolutely awful,
    Either Sky BLUE
    RED & BLACK stripes
    if they really need a third strip let them have Maroon (Some historical ties)

  3. Why, why, why do these teams keep insisting on horrible alternate color combinations? See also: Werder Bremen, Barcelona, Chelsea, etc., etc. What’s next, day-glo puce?

  4. What’s with the backlash? I saw this game on FSC and I thought they looked sharp. It’s not like it’s neon safety vest-orange. More like changing fall colors-orange.

  5. I think this was done so that Shinawatra can feel like he’s supporting the team while wearing a prison jumper. They need to bring Barton back – he’d love these colors as well. A lovely backheel from inmate A67t4537!

    OR… maybe they are planning to issue each player a handheld stop sign so they can stand at midfield, flash the sign, and halt the opposing team’s counterattack… a cunning, devious ploy – and it will probably work against Liverpool.

    OK, they’re FUGLY. Not as bad as the highlighter yellow of Barca and Chelsea, but FUGLY.

  6. It makes me think of the New York Islanders hockey team and even the spring training kit of the New York Mets had in some of their darkest years. I guess it makes those teams more relatable to Man City, indeed Mets are essentially them in New York as Man U are the Yankees. I say this as a Mets fan in the States (I actually seriously considered Man City but honestly, as a sports fan I would like to pick a winner for once. So came Arsenal).

    I like Red and Black as a color scheme but it is now becoming so overdone. I actually like the wine red-light, sky blue, and white from West Ham a lot. But also liked Man City’s shade of blue.

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