Are Manchester City Fans Getting Fatter?

fat manchester city shirts Are Manchester City Fans Getting Fatter?

Are Manchester City fans getting fatter or are they requesting baggier shirts for fashion reasons?! I think the former.

The above image is taken from Man City’s online shop.

10 thoughts on “Are Manchester City Fans Getting Fatter?”

  1. Srsly?

    I know northerners are fat but… I have last year’s shirt and the shirt from the year before.. both in the same size. Last year’s shirt fits like a g-d d-mn bicyclists’ shirt. The one from the year before fits really nicely.

  2. I said that in a comment earlier when the shirts got revealed, even the shirts they gave the players made them look fat.

  3. I have all three shirts in the same size from last season – Home shirt fits fine – Away gets a little tighter – the third gets rediculously tight! I think this was the problem not the fact more room was needed – just better standardisation across the range.

    I don’t see why they don’t taylor them for the players though!

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