Americans in Germany: Weekend Recap

Preston Zimmerman still can’t get a game at Hamburg

Every week during the Bundesliga season we’ll be keeping track of how our Yanks are doing in the German leagues. Here is the recap of weekend one.

Grover Gibson

Scored a goal in RW Ahlen’s 2-1 win over FSV Frankfurt

Steve Cherdundolo

Played 90 minutes in Hanover’s 3-0 defeat to Schalke 04.

Matt Taylor

Scored a goal from outside the area in TuS Koblenz’s 3-0 victory over RW Oberhausen

David Yelldell

Kept a clean sheet in TuS Koblenz’s 3-0 victory over RW Oberhausen

Bryan Arguez, Sal Zizzo, Gregg Berhalter, Luis Robles and Preston Zimmerman did not play for their clubs.

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  1. Grover Gibson’s dad, who has the same name, lives five minutes away from me and coached me from ages 10-14 on my travel team. I remember him telling us about his son and how he played in Germany, but this is the first time I’ve heard anything else about him since then.

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