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Product Review #51 – Puma v1.08 i FG boot

v108 brickwall2352px dim Product Review #51   Puma v1.08 i FG boot

Puma’s latest boot design the v1.08 is fantastic. The moment I put it on the feeling was sheer comfort. An all-stitch design with a two piece construction outsole helps to keep the weight down and provides that snug pleasurable fit.

The light weight upper has textile material with a reinforced microfiber layer for improved durability,  enhanced speed and lightness. I really like the off-center lacing and tongue construction, it allows for a smooth surface feel and absent is any pinching across the top of the forefoot, you really feel the ball when striking.

v108mosaic2 Product Review #51   Puma v1.08 i FG boot

However, the v1.08′s real gem is inside with it’s AptoLast feature.
AptoLast provides a glove-like fit by following the contours of your foot and moulding to the wearer. Additionally the carbon fiber chassis makes for the ultimate backbone ensuring stability and support with it’s embedded carbon fibers and multi-density framework.

Weighing a mere 7.6 ounces while offering stability and ultimate comfort without sacrificing lightness, the v1.08 is all in all a striker’s dream come true.

additional info:

There are currently four colour options,
puma v1.08 i FG red/white/black (as pictured)
puma v1.08 i FG yellow/white/black
puma v1.08 i FG black/darkshadow/white
or the puma v1.08 tricks boot in black/darkshadow/barelyblue

(see video below, for images of the first three colours)


The tricks boot is the latest release of funky colours and PUMA are running an XRAY campaign for the boot so hop over to xrayplayers and discover the bio links on footballers Anelka, Lundberg, Frei and Camoranesi. Ciao

new tricks v1.08 advert

untilthen flash Product Review #51   Puma v1.08 i FG boot

0 Responses to Product Review #51 – Puma v1.08 i FG boot

  1. Unthinkable says:

    I like the add. Haven’t seen any shoes as good as these. I think I will buy a pair.

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  3. tommy says:

    does anyone know where can i find a pair of red/white/black V1.08 puma’s in size 11-12?? PLEASE!!! I would really really love a pair of them. :)

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