Memories Of Sunday Mornings and English Football


Growing up in Wales, August for me was synonymous with long summer nights, the excitement of a new season starting and Sunday morning rituals.

Sunday mornings for my family were filled with traditional English breakfasts, cups of tea, the late morning smell of the roast beef cooking in the oven and reading the British tabloid newspapers and Sunday supplement magazines.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Sunday newspapers in Britain were such a valuable source of information for football fans. I vividly remember devouring the sports pages of the News of The World and The Sunday Mail. I would literally study and memorize the football league tables. Often my cousin Kevin and I would take turns in reading the reviews of the matches and taking in every word as if it was the bible.

As well as reading the match reports and studying the league tables, we would compare the league attendances between the clubs and then head off to the nearby park for a game of football before coming back to eat our Sunday dinner.

If you’re an ex-pat or you live in the UK, what are your memories of Sunday mornings during football season?

One thought on “Memories Of Sunday Mornings and English Football”

  1. Great Post.It seems your memories are universal.

    Reading your post reminded of my childhood watching the Serie A on a black and white telly as my mother prepared an amazing pasta dinner and my father had his eyes glued to the TV with an ear bud in his ear as he listened to scores stream into his ear on his transistor radio.

    Cursing the math as Juve would keep ahead of his beloved Inter Milan.

    Great post thanks for the memories.

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