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I’m yet to find a high quality Serie A fantasy footie game to manage so I still try my hand at picking the best Premier League team just like the rest of you.  The English Premier League season starts in two days and surely a number of us have already entered one or more fantasy teams but have you done your research?  Have you searched high and low for that ultimate new phenomenon?

In my travels I’ve come across several interesting and helpful sites online, and while some require a fee to enter, others are entirely free and even offer better prizes. Of course the one tool all fantasy gamers require more than anything is a good current events source providing up-to-date player injuries, trades, starting XI changes, I think I discovered just the thing. 

It’s called Fantasy Football Scout and contains the latest updated guide to the Premier League 2008-2009 season.  Current articles take a look at selecting midfielders, undiscovered gems, sleeping giants and misclassifed strikers.  In the words of the site manager, “it’s where a little inspiration with selection can really pay dividends”.

Why don’t you check it out,  www[dot]fantasyfootballscout[dot]co[dot]uk 


If someone could only copy the scout’s site format and create a sister site for our beloved Serie A that would be impressive.  For now English-speaking Serie A fans are stuck like Crusaders at the port of Messina waiting to set sail.

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