Nothing Will Change With Premier League's Get On With The Game Campaign

get-on-with-the-game-logo.jpgOn Tuesday afternoon, the Premier League rolled out a massive new program entitled “Get On With The Game” that brought players, managers, chairmen and referees together to agree on common goals for the new season: to bring order back to the league and get on with the game.

The Premier League’s PR machine was in high gear as three separate events in England launched the campaign, which were also televised live on Sky Sports. Quite comical were proclamations by John Terry and Gary Neville that they would bring order back to the league and their clubs. Both of these captains have had notable fiery skirmishes with referees in the past.

Despite the good intentions of the campaign, the event is no more than a horse and pony show. Once the league kicks off and the pressure of winning matches boils, the “Get On With The Game” pledges made by clubs and players will be thrown out the window.

Let’s see how long it takes before we see players and managers overstep their boundaries and direct their rage at referees and opposing players.

You have to wonder how much of the “Get On With The Game” campaign is simply a PR exercise to show what the Premier League is doing to repair the tarnished image of what goes on the pitch. The campaign makes the Premier League look good and paints the picture that the league is actually doing something to fix the problems.

If you were in charge of the Premier League, what would you have done differently to ensure that disgraceful incidents on the pitch don’t happen again this season?

To learn more about the “Get On With The Game” campaign, visit the Premier League’s website.


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