Everton FC Launches Redesigned Website


The design of official Premier League club websites is becoming as predictable as the race for the Big Four. Late last week, Everton launched a new design of its EvertonFC.com website and surprise, surprise — it looks like most other football websites out there.

As is often the case in Internet marketing, competitors look at what websites are succeeding and rather than come up with something completely original, it’s much easier to copy what the others are doing.

Sure, the Everton website — on first appearance — looks to be an improvement on their last site, but the homepage is such a jumbled mess that the user has to comb his way through the page to find the simplest things while trying not to be distracted by the videos, flashing banner ads and self-promotional services such as auctions and mobile services.

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5 thoughts on “Everton FC Launches Redesigned Website”

  1. Like you mention Gaffer it is too “busy” I hate the damn video that starts to play everytime you go to the site. I suppose it is attractive enough but until you get used to it and getting to your usual spots takes a bit of getting used to. It would have been nice to have seen something “completely different” but I guess that’s too much to ask for in this slick advertizing, “in your face” new world the Premiership has become.

  2. Its brighter in appearance, but the home page lacks pictures to go with the headlines and stories. Its not as easy to use this site as it was the last. And i also think the hame page lacks content, as most of the homepage, is as you say, taken up mostly by adverts that are lateral to football and Evertonfc.

  3. Typically confused (and confusing) set of menus.

    For instance, say I’m interested in discussing opinions with other everton fans. Should I click on:

    YourEverton (top menu)
    Evertonia (top menu)
    EvertonWay (top menu)
    Community (top menu)
    BlueRoom (second menu)
    Blogs (below news photograph)

    They all sound like they may have some kind of fan-interaction component, like forums, blogs, etc.

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