2008/2009 Premier League Table Predictions

premier-league-logo1.jpgHere are my predictions of how I think the Premier League will finish at the end of the 2008/2009 season. Manchester United will continue to excel, while I believe Spurs have the talent and determination to break into the top four knocking Liverpool into fifth place.

Liverpool has done well to capture Robbie Keane, but the team still lacks depth in key positions especially if injuries or suspensions affect some of their players.

At the other end of the table, I don’t see the newcomers from the Championship making much of an impact in the Premier League, while clubs such as Fulham, Newcastle and Bolton will suffer another agonizing and depressing season near the lower depths of the league.

Here are my predictions:

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Arsenal
4. Tottenham Hotspur
5. Liverpool
6. Aston Villa
7. Portsmouth
8. Blackburn Rovers
9. Everton
10. Manchester City
11. Sunderland
12. West Ham United
13. Wigan Athletic
14. Middlesbrough
15. Newcastle United
16. Fulham
17. Bolton Wanderers
18. West Bromwich Albion
19. Hull City
20. Stoke City

How do you think the table for the Premier League will end after the season ends? Post your predictions by clicking the comments link below.

85 thoughts on “2008/2009 Premier League Table Predictions”

  1. haha Robbie Keane would love that result, wouldn’t he?

    seriously though, bold choice with Spurs there. As much as I want to believe it, just too many changes which will take time to gel, and too much question about the fitness of the back line. Still, Spurs IMO have just as much quality as the top 4, and should be no worse than 5th.

    Here’s how I see it:

    1 Manchester United
    2 Chelsea
    3 Liverpool
    4 Arsenal
    5 Tottenham Hotspur
    6 Portsmouth
    7 Everton
    8 Sunderland
    9 Aston Villa
    10 West Ham United
    11 Middlesbrough
    12 Wigan Athletic
    13 Newcastle United
    14 Fulham
    15 Blackburn Rovers
    16 Manchester City
    17 West Bromwich Albion
    18 Hull City
    19 Bolton Wanderers
    20 Stoke City

    Man City are in DEEP trouble from what I hear, I see a lot of the club bailing, including Hughes.

  2. spurs has quality but not the experience in key positions. their defense is still one of the worst. i would still give them a couple of years until they start to really attack the top four…if they keep the talent and coaches which they have brought in.

  3. 1 Chelsea
    2 Liverpool
    3 Manchester united
    4 Tottenham
    5 Arsenal
    6 Newcastle United
    7 Everton
    8 Sunderland
    9 Aston Villa
    10 West Ham United
    11 Middlesbrough
    12 Wigan Athletic
    13 Portsmouth
    14 Fulham
    15 Blackburn Rovers
    16 Manchester City
    17 West Bromwich Albion
    18 Hull City
    19 Bolton Wanderers
    20 Stoke City

  4. 1. Chelsea
    2. Man U
    3. Liverpool
    4. Aresnal
    5. Tottenham
    6. Portsmouth
    7. Everton
    8. Aston Villa
    9. Man City (if they manage to keep their squad)
    10. Sunderland
    11. Blackburn
    12. Middlesbrough
    13. West Ham
    14. Newcastle
    15. Fulham
    16. Bolton
    17. West Bromwich Albion
    18. Wigan
    19. Hull City
    20. Stoke City

    Arsenal lost Hleb and Flamini and their best replacement was Nasri. I think their season is contingent on the Young Guns emerging (Walcott, Bendtner, and Ramsey).

    Tottenham look great on paper, I still think their defense is a little suspect though. I think they finish 5th but in a year the top 4 will be broken.

  5. Villa are the only team that will crack the top 4 this season! We’ve bought a whole new defence so all those goals we let in last season will be plugged. Doesn’t everybody remember that Villa scored the 2nd most amount of goals in EPL last season behind Man Utd?

  6. i definatly think its chelsea’s year. i think fergurson is scared of chelsea and going abit potty tbh so i dont see man u repeating last year.

    1. CHELSEA
    2. Liverpool
    3. Man U
    4. Tottenham
    5. Aresnal
    6. Portsmouth
    7. Man City
    8. Everton
    9. Aston Villa
    10. Newcastle
    11. Sunderland
    12. Blackburn
    13. Middlesbrough
    14. West Ham
    15. Fulham
    16. Bolton
    17. West Bromwich Albion
    18. Wigan
    19. Hull City
    20. Stoke City

    something like that for top ten not reall sure about bottom half, apart from stoke and hull failing.

  7. 1. Chelsea
    2. Arsenal
    3. Man. U
    4. Aston Villa
    5. Tottenham
    6. Liverpool
    7. Everton
    8. Sunderland
    9. Newcastle
    10. M’Boro
    11. Blackburn
    12. Portsmouth
    13. West Ham
    14. Fulham
    15. West Brom
    16. Man City
    17. Hull
    18. Bolton
    19. Stoke
    20. Wigan

  8. 1. Chelsea
    2. Liverpool
    3. Man U
    4. Arsenal
    5. Tottenham
    6. Aston Villa

    Then a bunch of average teams.

    18. Bolton
    19. Hull City
    20. Stoke

  9. If Tottenham manage to gel and crack the top four, here’s hoping it’s those decrepit old fogies at Chelsea that find themsleves staring up at their bums from the fifth spot.

  10. Tottenham will be better, but to go from 11th to 4th
    is much too steep of a climb. With Berbatov on the verge of a move to Man U, who will score the goals?
    The top 4 will be a repeat from last season. Who cares where everyone else finishes?

  11. Wow. Everyone predicting Chelsea to win it. Me too, actually. Spurs, as someone already pointed out, still have a bad defense. Will finish 5th-7th. I can see L’pool edgeing Arsenal for third, and Villa is probably the only team that can challenge the big four at the moment.
    West Brom will stay up, Blackburn will have a difficult year, Man City are in peril due to recent developments with their scumbag of an owner. It’s easy to say that both Hull and Stoke are going down.
    Should be another fantastic season, a lot to look forward to. I would have loved to see how 2/3 of the top Russian players fare in the Premier League, but nothing so far.

  12. Here’s how I see it…

    1. Liverpool
    2. Man Utd.
    3. Arsenal
    4. Chelsea
    5. Aston Villa
    6. Tottenham
    7. Portsmouth
    8. West Ham
    9. Everton
    10. Middlesbrough
    11. Blackburn
    12. Manchester City
    13. Newcastle United
    14. Wigan
    15. Sunderland
    16. Bolton
    17. West Brom
    18. Fulham
    19. Stoke
    20. Hull

  13. Somehow, i think Fulham will move a bit up with AJ in their squad. I also think Stoke will avoid relegation and the top 4 will remain with Arsenal beating Spurs just a few points away.

    Newcastle might not be so low, maybe in the mid-table.

    The top 4 challenger will be Portsmouth, SPurs and Villa.

    And for sure, Blackburn might be in the relegation zone. West Brom’s loss for Kevin Phillips is too big. Hull is even worse

  14. 1. United
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Tottenham
    5. Arsenal
    6. Everton
    7. Villa
    8. Portsmouth
    9. Newcastle
    10. Sunderland
    11. Blackburn
    12. West Ham
    13. Fulham
    14. Boro
    15. Man City
    16. Bolton
    17. Wigan
    18. West Brom
    19. Stoke
    20. Hull

    United return the same squad that doubled last year – and look likely to cover their only real weakness with another big-name striker. Those of you who predict a 3rd place finish are insane – this United team is the most talented and deepest in the league. Chelsea is the only team in the league that can even come close.

    Chelsea had a run of very harsh injuries last year – and could challenge again this year if they stay healthy. But they won’t – there is a reason for all of the injuries. Most of their key players are over 30, and Lamps / Drogba don’t seem to have the same fire as they did 2-3 seasons ago. I think injuries to Drogba, Terry, Lampard and/or Deco will take the wind out of their sails this year as well.

    Keane (and possibly Barry) make Liverpool a much scarier side. If Benitez is smart enough to keep his best 11 on the pitch this year, they very well may pip Chelsea for the #2 spot. Babel comes into his own this year, giving the scousers three legit scoring threats. They will, however, miss Crouch’s timely, awkward goals in the last 20 minutes of two or three games.

    Tottenham have an amazing array of attacking talent at their disposal – but the loss of Keane and possibly Berba will truly hurt them. Horrible defensive side, but they can light just about anybody up for 4 goals on any given night. I’m giving them the edge over Arsenal on the assumption that they won’t sell Berba without a “like for like” replacement waiting in the wings.

    I think that you’ll see Arsenal off to a fast start again this year, as they have a fairly easy schedule over the first two months – again, it will evaporate quickly. This side don’t lack experience in my mind, they lack toughness. As much as I love to watch them attack, the incessant whining, diving and crying turn my stomach. Fabregas and Nasri will be formidable, and Van Persie can be a stud if he can stay healthy. I don’t see Adebayor coming anywhere near his total from last year though.

    The JLay has spoken, so it shall be…

  15. Arsenal
    Man U
    Aston Villa
    Man City
    West Ham

  16. 1. United
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Arsenal
    5. Man City (Surprise package of the season, if Hughes stays as manager)
    6. Portsmouth
    7. Spurs
    8. Villa
    9. Everton
    10. Blackburn
    11. West Ham
    12. Newcastle
    13. Sunderland
    14. Fulham
    15. Wigan
    16. Middblesbrough
    17. WBA
    18. Bolton
    19. Stoke
    20. Hull

  17. Gaffer, interesting that you have the three promoted sides all going back down. That’s sad, isn’t it?

    Interesting that no one has anything to say about that.

  18. 1. Glory Glory Man United!

    2. Liverpool

    3. Chelsea

    4. Arsenal

    5. Aston Villa

    6. Everton

    7. Tottenham

    8. Pompey

    9. Blackburn

    10. Newcastle

    11. West Ham

    12. Boro

    13. Sunderland

    14. Man City

    15. WBA

    16. Bolton

    17. Hull (surprise team)


    18. Fulham

    19. Sunderland

    20. Stoke

  19. Man United to win the title again.

    The stinking Yanks to lose today and be eliminated in the sport you call SUCKER.

  20. Everyone is writing hull off.
    everyone thinks hull will go down.
    but they have mad some really really good signings.

    16. Hull City
    19.West Brom
    20. Stoke City

  21. 1 – Manchester United
    2 – Chelsea
    3 – Arsenal
    4 – Liverpool

    5 – Aston Villa
    6 – Tottenham
    7 – Pompey

    8 – Everton
    9 – Blackburn
    10 – Boro
    11 – West Ham
    12 – Newcastle
    13 – Sunderland
    14 – Man City
    15 – Wigan
    16 – Bolton
    17 – Fulham

    18 – Hull
    19 – West Brom
    20 – Stoke

  22. Ok ready? If you don’t know jack sh*t about the bottom half of the table then only post your top 10. You people putting Wigan 20th are retarded, and you don’t need to be a Wigan fan to know that.

  23. Just can’t see Tottenham make that much of a run espeically if their other top strike goes off to Man U as speculated. Expect Villa to be the main team fighting into the Top4, replacing either Liverpool or Arsenal who both have failed to improve their teams all that much.

  24. 1. Man United
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Arsenal
    5. Tottenham
    6. Aston Villa
    7. Everton
    8. Portsmouth
    9. Man City
    10. Middlesbrough
    11. Blackburn
    12. Sunderland
    13. Newcastle
    14. Fulham
    15. West Ham
    16. Wigan
    17. West Brom
    18. Stoke
    19. Bolton
    20. Hull

  25. lmao, why does everyone think blackburn will not do very well?

    ok i undertsnad maybe not top 7/8 but definately still in the top 10!

    get a grip tottenham will never break into top 4 and neither will villa or portsmouth if anyone does its still everton for me.

  26. Jay – speaking for myself, I put them at 11 because I think that the loss of Bentley is really going to hurt Blackburn. I also keep reading rumors about Santa Cruz. I doubt that they’d be dumb enough to offload him, but they’d be ruined if they did…

    Everton are another class team on the fringes, but I don’t see any improvement over last year’s lineup – therefore I can’t figure out why they’d move up th list. Arteta and Cahill are a top-caliber midfield duo when they’re healthy, but one or the other is usually hurt. They also need a better striker than Yak. That said, they’re one of the most technically solid teams in the league, and I loove to watch them play – I just don’t think that they are going to improve over last year.

    Tottenham and Villa made significant moves to improve their teams, while Arsenal took a big step backwards IMO – but it’s all conjecture till they hit the pitch tomorrow…

  27. Well Jaylad do u really tink everton r gonna challenge for 4th spot wen dey lost a lot of der key players?

    They had unknown players on der bench. Dey got lucky yesterday.

  28. this is it
    12.stock city
    13.hull city
    r18.man u
    r20.man city

  29. this is -and should be
    1 ARSENAL(will surprise u)
    -2 chelsea
    -3 liverpool
    -4 man united
    -5 aston villa(even fighting with man u for the 4th
    -6totehnam hotspurs
    -7 manchester city
    -8 portsmuth
    -9 westhum
    -10 fulham or sunderland

  30. this is -and should be:
    1. Arsenal(always the best)
    2. Chelsea(Close to Arsenal)
    3. Manchester United
    4. Tottenham Hotspurs(May surprise you)
    5. Liverpool
    6. Portsmouth
    7. Aston Villa
    8. Manchester City
    9. West Ham
    10. Sunderland


  32. 1. CHELSEA
    2. manutd
    3. Arsenal
    4. Liverpool
    5. Man City
    6. POMPEY !!!
    7. Aston Villa
    8. Everton
    9. Sunderland
    10. spurs
    11. west ham
    12. wigan
    13. Newcastle United
    14. boro
    15. blackburn
    16. Hull City
    18. Bolton
    19. WBA
    20. Stoke

    im a pompey fan , reckon well get to the finals of europe. whys everyone rating man city so low ? they got robinho you fools…. spurs will be poo as they have one striker and hes Bent ahahhah and hopefully im wrong about hull, want them 2 stay up!!

    look forward to watching alll your teams get beat at fratton this year


  33. when did u become the best,hahahaha the last 5 years?where is ur history man?!u will never catch the arsenal u will never beat arsenal and become tha best u all chellsea fans know it.
    and just to be fair its going to be such a great war betwenn u and us-cheske and arsenal for the first place,but i really hope arsenal can do it,thew need they should.
    the others to fight for the title noway.man u sure not,they dont have theeeeee…..liverpool i dont belive they know how to win the premier leag,the others can't do nothing more than they have don in these years

  34. when did u become the best,hahahaha the last 5 years?where is ur history man?!u will never catch the arsenal u will never beat arsenal and become tha best u all chellsea fans know it.
    and just to be fair its going to be such a great war betwenn u and us-cheske and arsenal for the first place,but i really hope arsenal can do it,thew need they should.
    the others to fight for the title noway.man u sure not,they dont have theeeeee…..liverpool i dont belive they know how to win the premier leag,the others can't do nothing more than they have don in these years

  35. 1 arsnal(thats for sure,arsnal has so many players to come in these coming months they will help them to make it this seasen)
    2 chellsea
    3 liverpool
    4man u (they will never fight seriosly for the first psition)
    5 man city or villa(i gest man city)
    the others dont matter,just will be ok if spurs will and in top 10

  36. I don't think Liverpool will last in the top four for very long.

    I'm judging the top 6 from the performances I've seen so far.

    1 – Arsenal
    2 – Chelsea
    3 – Man UTD
    4 – Aston Villa
    5 – Liverpool
    6 – Everton

  37. why are most people putting city as 10 onward, i go for Everton but I don't think people release what Robinho will do for there squad

    3.Man U
    4.Man C

    I was not sure I think man U and man C might switch positions but if Rolando doesn't hurt himself any more it will stay as predicted.

    reply to what you think about that

  38. AHH what about robinho. we all know what he can do, but it looks liek the people before me dont
    1. Chealsea
    4MAN U man u and city could switch around depending on how the team works
    5.Man c with robinho
    6 everton

  39. 1) Man United
    2) Arsenal
    3) Chelsea
    4) Liverpool
    5) Man City
    6) Tottenham
    7) Aston villa
    8) Portsmouth
    9) Everton
    10) West Ham
    11) Blackburn
    12) Sunderland
    13) Newcastle
    14) Middlesboro
    15) Wigan
    16) Hull
    17) West Brom
    18) Fulham
    19) Bolton
    20) Stoke

  40. Man do my picks look bad already. Spurs 10th? Man did I over rate them. Liverpool 5th? bad, bad bad. City, 17th? Might have happened if Robinho hadn't been bought and Villa 4th………not happening. Not one of my better days when I made these picks apparently.

  41. 1arsenal
    4man united
    5aston villa
    6hull city
    7manchester city

    i cant remeber the 18 lol

  42. your all wrong :L

    Manchester United
    Aston Villa
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Hull City
    Bolton Wanderers
    Fulham FC
    Manchester City
    Newcastle United
    Stoke City
    Wigan Atletic
    Blackburn Rovers
    West Ham United
    West Brom

  43. Here is what will happen

    1 Chelsea
    2 Man U
    3 Liverpool
    4 Arsenal
    5 Villa
    6 Spurs
    7 Pompey – come on Blue Army!
    8 Everton
    9 Man City
    10 Hull
    12 Wigan
    13 Bolton
    14 Blackburn
    15 Borough
    16 Newcastle
    17West ham
    18 Stoke
    19 Sunderland
    20 West Brom

    'fraid that this will actually happen – and there's nothing anyone can do about it

  44. I have a feeling this will happen….

    2)Man Utd
    4)Aston Villa
    11)Man City
    17)West Ham
    20)West Brom

  45. liverpool
    man city
    west ham
    west brom

  46. 1.Man Utd
    5.Aston Villa
    6.Man City
    17.West Ham
    19.West Brom

  47. Sunderland relegated? lol get real mate theyre doing well at the min not amazing but better team than most!!, Hull may survive but no way will they be a top 10 team theyre doing bad bad bad at the minute lol only The Boro worse!! my predictions…

    1.Man Utd
    4.Aston Villa- possibly 3rd awesome team at the minute
    7.West Ham
    8.Man City
    18.Newcastle – bad situation at the min hell i dont even hate them feel bad for them.
    19.West Brom

    Sland fan myself just my predictions

  48. More than half of you have put Stoke City rock bottom.

    how wrong you all are

    2 points from liverpool
    4 from villa
    3 from arsenal(so far)
    NEARLY got a point at chelsea(cheers frank)

    i think we will surprise alot of people and stay up

    we’re destined to be a premiership team. we’ve got the support(loudest in the league), the stadium(sell out crowds) and (now) the players.

    1. man u
    2. liverpool
    3. chelsea
    4. arsenal
    5. villa
    everyone else
    15. stoke
    16. hull
    17. blackburn
    18. newcastle
    19. middlesborough
    20. west brom

  49. 1 Manchester United
    2 Chelsea
    3 Liverpool
    4 Aston Villa
    5 Arsenal
    6 Everton
    7 Manchester City
    8 Wigan Athletic
    9 West Ham United
    10 Bolton Wanderers
    11 Fulham
    12 Tottenham Hotspur
    13 Sunderland
    14 Hull City
    15 Blackburn Rovers
    16 Stoke City
    17 Portsmouth
    18 Newcastle United
    19 Middlesbrough
    20 West Browich Albion

  50. Hull Higher than Stoke.
    No chance for West Brom
    Man U= Unbeatable
    Hull will also go from strength to strength

  51. top 5:

    1. Man Utd
    2. Chelsea
    3. Arsenal
    4. Liverpool

    I don’t know why you people are going on about how bad United is this year, they are obviously the best team in the league right now, maybe even Europe.

  52. 1. Man U
    2. Chelsea
    3. Liverpool
    4. Villa
    5. Aresenal
    6 . Everton
    7. Wigan
    8. Fulham
    9. West Ham
    10. Tottenham
    11. Bolton
    12. Man City
    13. Sunderland
    14. Stoke
    15. Blackburn
    16. Portsmouth
    17. Newcastle
    18. Hull City
    19. Boro
    20. West Brom

  53. Hull higher than stoke? hahahaha Righttt i love how everyone was doubting stoke now look ha…Come on you potters!

  54. We’ll see what happens next week, eh?

    Personally, I think that it is pretty safe to say that ScuMBerland will be relegated as will smoggies and baggies.

  55. okay ….. Liverpool 1
    man city 2
    Chelsea 3
    arsenal 4
    Aston / Everton 5
    stoke/Tottenham/wolves/Fulham 6
    the rest

    (don’t no the relegation order)

    1. Boro aren’t even in the premiership mate. Portsmouth relegated with hull and burnley. 1. Man city. 2. Chelsea 3. Man u 4. Liverpool 5 arsenal 6. Villa.

  56. i am a MK dons supporter so i am not biased towards any team in the prem, but i love the excitment of the prem and watch every game i can

    1. chelsea
    (they r looking very storng pre-season and have the grit to grind out 1-0 or 2-1 victories. carlo ancelotti looks like he has polished off a very good team, and hes managed it without bringing any real big signing into the mix, bringing in zhirkov has only strengthend the team but the biggest change has been in the newly re-vitalized chemistry between the exiting players )
    2. arsenal
    (they may be a young team but they r begining to gain experience and the departure of toure and ade’s wont efect them much coz eduardo is looking sharp, the new defender is highly regarded and wilshere is looking very promising for them this year)
    3. man u
    (i dont think they will win a 4th prem in a row and loosing ronaldo will reriously effect the goal tally, but its undeniable that they will push for it again with the team and managment that they have)
    4. liverpool
    (i love liverpool, i think torres and gerrard are the 2 best players in the prem now that rons gone, but i don’t think they can keep up with the other three, they did well last season by finishing above chelsea and arsenal but they have both improved a lot in the last few months and i dont see an improvment in the liverpool team so far)
    5. tottenham
    (they have made some very cleaver signings over the summer, i dont rate chouch that highly but paired with defoe, they r sure to give deffences a chalange and there deffence is looking stronger than ever if king can sort out his injury problems)
    6. everton
    (everton is a strong team, they dont have many big names but work well together and i think thats all down to david moyes, hes a great manager and i think he will keep everton in one of the uafa cup spots)
    7. man city
    (i am doutfull that the mega money spending will pull off this season, in years to come they will gel and become more of a threat just as chelsea did well they became wealthy, but they realy have no choice but to get into a eurapian spot dew to the pressure that surrounds them)
    8. aston villa
    (i like villa and the manager, and i dont like the thought that they may not get into a eurapian spot but the signing of downing is not enough to compensate the depature of barry and other teams around them have got stronger, they missed there chance to get into the top 4 last year, and im sure they are not going to get another chance for a few years to come)
    9. west ham
    (zola,s had his first bite of being a prem manager and he did well last year, hes got a good group of players and they will do well again this year)
    ( sunderland have a bit of money now and with campbell and jones upfont, they could pull off a few supprises)
    11. blackburn
    (i think blackburn is an allround good team, there are no real stand out names now that santa cruz has gone but each player has good qualaties)
    12. stoke
    ( i think they will be a real supprise package this season, with beattie, fuller and delaps throw ins, they wont be short on goals)
    13. bolton
    (i dont think they will suffer like they did last season, but they wont get into the top half of the table)
    14. fulham
    (fulham did amazingly well last year under hodgson, but i think its only because of the deffence, they had the 4th best deffencive record last year behind the top 3 teams, but if hangeland gose to arsenal and hughes gets injurd at any point through the season, then they realy have no one to back them up, i think a fulham drop will be the suprise of the season)
    15. wolves
    ( wolves will do well this year, i think they will score quite a few goals with ebanks-blake and doyle upfront, but will struggle at the back)
    16. wigan
    (i think they will fall a little but i wouldn’t be to worried about relegating this year coz i can realy see my next 4 teams being the teams fighting for safety)
    17. portmouth
    (pompy r realy going to struggle this year but i hope (more than i think) that they will stay up, if they do, it will prob be because of david james, hes a great keeper and with him in ur side, uv always got a chance)
    18. birmingham
    (i dont think they are a good enough team to stay in the prem)
    19. burnly
    ( i would love to see them do well this year but i thin they will struggle like derby did a few years ago when they only got 11 points all season, i dont think they will do quite so badly but not by much)
    20. hull
    ( i dont realy like the manager phil brown or hull on the hole, when things were geting tuff about halfway through the season they started to act like children that couldn’t get there own way, and i dont think they were good enough to stay in the prem last year but they managed it because of the points there gaind early in the season, and i dont think they r good enough to stay in the prem this year)

    the top 4 was very hard to choose but i realy think chelsea will win it, man u will deffinatly be in the top 3, i think arsenal will pick up consistancy because i can see a real comparison to the invincables from 2004, and i think liverppol wont be realy tested but 5th and 6th but wont do as well as the other three big teams.

    arsenal will win the F.A. cup this year beacuse they need to win somthing

    i think ether arsenal or man u will win the carling cup (arsenal because there kids will want to show off and man u because i cant see them wining nothing this year)

    and real madrid or inter milan will win the chamions league.

  57. The games started out extremely strong this season with some bizarre surprises. Its early days, so let’s see where they’ll all stand at the end of Game week 5. Arsenal is always the best, regardless if they win trophies or not. This shows that its not about buying ready-made players. All you player haters, watch out for the GUNNERS!

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