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Warren Barton Joins Fox Soccer Channel

warren barton Warren Barton Joins Fox Soccer Channel

U.S. TV network Fox Soccer Channel will feature a new co-host and analyst for its Fox Soccer Match Day beginning Saturday, August 16, when former Wimbledon, Newcastle United and England defender Warren Barton joins the network.

At Wimbledon, Barton made 180 appearances during the club’s hugely successful period from 1990 to 1995 when he played on the same side as other team members such as Vinnie Jones, Dennis Wise, John Fashanu and Lawrie Sanchez. When Barton moved from Wimbledon to Newcastle, he became the most expensive defender in English football at that time.

Barton’s broadcast experience has included work for ITV in England.

Last season, Fox Soccer Match Day featured Andy Houlihan from Sky Sports. EPL Talk has now learned that Houlihan has a full-time position with National Public Radio (NPR) and will not be involved with Fox Soccer Channel in a presenter role this season.

The new season of Fox Soccer Match Day is scheduled to debut on Saturday, August 16 at 9:30am ET/6:30am PT.

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7 Responses to Warren Barton Joins Fox Soccer Channel

  1. Hopefully FSC producers spent the whole summer watching how Setanta, SKY and RTE pundits analyze and talk about the games ahead
    Last years show was not that great…very cardboard cutout with the suits and tie…looked like they were presenting the 9 o clock news!!
    Give us 15 mins of analysis…don’t shout, don’t talk like your money is about to run out on the phone and don’t try to fit every statistic about every game that day into 2 minutes before you break off for 10 mins of BillyMayshere products

    Would love to see Barton lounging around in the chair all relaxed and giving his opinion on the game…It’s not bloody Sportscenter lads!

  2. Simon Burke says:

    Houlihan was good, but he was always at loggerheads with that moron in the bad glasses and dodgy curly hair who thinks he knows everything on Soccer Sunday. Gary someone I think. I am pretty sure Andy Houlihan couldnt stand him.
    Barton is an odd choice but hopefully works out!

  3. eplnfl says:

    Lets hope that Barton can talk FSC into some better production values and maybe get some live reports from the field around the EPL. If we can can HD from a pool in China about standard video from central London!

  4. Neil Hope says:

    Watching the manchester city vs chelsea game right now

    Warren mentioned the lack of defense duties by Adebayor months ago and video analysis in recent weeks. AGAIN a goal coming from his lack of defense know how and fooball intelligence. The whole world can see this WHY cannot Mark Hughes realise his striker is not doing him any good when defeding corners.

    I will be interested to see what MR BARTON will say about the goal at half time

    • The Gaffer says:

      Neil, to be fair to Adebayor, his defensive display earlier this season in the game against Arsenal at Eastlands was spectacular. There were so many shots and crosses that he knocked away that he did as well in defense that day as he did up front.

      But for Chelsea’s first goal today, I agree with you. What the heck was he thinking? He’s more of a hinderance in the box than a help in situations like that.

      The Gaffer

  5. Mark Jacko says:

    Warren, the NAME of the GAME is FOOTBALL and always will be. Why?Because you kick a BALL with your FOOT not throw it…………….

  6. Dan says:

    Warren Barton is an ass-clown. What is this nonsense about praising Ballotelli’s attitude. Ridiculous! Also, the arrogance to tell his colleague “learn something about football, mate,” over Gervhino’s miss (and it was a miss), calling it a leave for the best stiker in football (van Persie). Crap…

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