Arsenal Launches Redesigned Version Of Its Website


Arsenal Football Club launched their redesigned official club website this morning, and boy is it different.

While the previous design was sleek, the new one is much simpler and more closely resembles a typical football website we’ve grown accustomed to especially with the placement of the left and top navigation bars.

Sometimes less is more. While the previous Arsenal website had the text on a red background, it was often not the easiest site to read. The new one has fixed that by increasing the size of the type and displaying it on a white background. The less is more adage, I believe, will work for Arsenal as it’ll be more likely for Gunners fans to comb their way through the website looking for the information they need.

At first glance, the new website seems more ordinary than the previous version. Perhaps there’s greater features and functionality hiding deeper beneath the homepage?

The new site was designed by Rippleffect.


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