Spot The Difference: New Rangers Away Shirt vs 1980-83 England Home Shirt

Many Glasgow Rangers fans may not be too pleased with the new design of the club’s away shirt. Manufactured by Umbro, the shirt looks very similar to the classic England shirt that the national team wore in the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

It makes you wonder if some Rangers fans will refuse to buy the shirt because of its similarity to England’s shirt.

new-rangers-away-shirt.jpgRangers wore the shirt for the first time today in their 1-0 away win against Falkirk in the Scottish Premier League.

The England shirt in question was designed by Admiral. In the 1982 World Cup, England progressed to the second round but ultimately got knocked out of the tournament when they drew Spain 0-0.

England wore the Admiral shirt 45 times between 1980 to 1983 before the FA changed to Umbro in 1984.

Do you think there’s a resemblance in the shirt designs? And if so, are you bothered by it at all? Share your feedback by clicking the comments link below.

29 thoughts on “Spot The Difference: New Rangers Away Shirt vs 1980-83 England Home Shirt”

  1. You guys seriously don’t know what you are talking about do you?

    If anything more Rangers fans would buy it BECAUSE it looked like an England strip.

    Rangers fans are criticised in Scotland because they don’t see England as the enemy, and because they regularly sing Rule Brittania and God Save The Queen.

    Read a book.

  2. In fact, surveys have found that more fans of Rangers follow the Scotland national team than from any other club. But I doubt if anyone will be bothered about an England strip from 20-odd years ago. It looks like a Russia jersey – but I doubt if anybody will be bothered about that either. There are only so many things you can do with three colours on a football top.

  3. @John – I don’t think Rangers fans would buy or not buy it based on how similar to an England strip it is. Sure some Rangers fans are very pro-England but I don’t think that would sway their views on a strip.

    ”It makes you wonder if some Rangers fans will refuse to buy the shirt because of its similarity to England’s shirt.”

    What a stupid thing to say.

  4. I am a rangers fan and know that these similarities to england will probably make them buy the top more to annoy the many nationalists in scotland who dont believe in the union, as many of us(Rangers fans) do.

  5. iam sure many rangers fans dont remember that england strip and would not have considered the similarities when and if they purchase it even though they support the union

  6. vaguely similar,but what does it matter.
    I like it and I`m sure most bears will. it`s a relatively simple design but nice all the same.

  7. Long live the Blues Brothers!

    and it was the 0-0 draw with West Germany ,thanks to Keegan and Brooking ,that knocked England out of Espana ’82.

  8. I follow both Rangers and Scotland passionately, but its similarity to the England shirt wouldn’t make any difference to my decision to buy it.

  9. the orange shirt a few years back reminded me of orangeism and are great victories in battles in years gone buy over a bunch of fenian bastards, thats why i bought it to be honest.

  10. Thats a load of nonsense, as said earlier that many, many Rangers fan’s are supporters of the union.

    Also this new away kit is almost identical to one we wore in the 80’s, coincidently made by Umbro aswell.


  11. They’re similar like Celtics is similar cause Umbro make their kits too, and they have white in them.

    Nonsense article.

  12. You just can’t talk about your own stinking, bigoted, skint, corrupt club without mentioning the first British team to win the Big Cup, can you? What is it with you all? Jealousy? Bigotry?? Hatred??? Who knows? Who cares? Here’s to 4 in a row! Oh, and say bye-bye to Betty.


  13. I am English&a life long Ger. I will specifically buy this top because it is the quintessential away shirt combining Rangers&England. Love it. We are the people.

  14. i dont care what strip it LOOKS like, the point is that it has the gers badge on and thats good enough for me

  15. CHAMPIONS 2009 up your scummy arse celtic

    so what is the rangers top looks like england
    yes they may of tried to invade us but wake up this is the 21st century and scotland and england are friends now

    btw remember to buy green day’s new album 21st century breakdown

  16. Well, well, well!! Let’s clarify shall we? Rangers FC are supported mainly by Protestants who believe in the Union. We sing ‘God save the Queen’ and ‘Rule Britannia’ and wave Saltires AND Union Jack flags. Some of us even BUY the ENGLAND shirt just to wind up the scum – Celtic fans.
    We are all for Britain and the Queen. So the fact it looks like an England shirt will have no bearing on how many it will sell, if anything it will improve sales.

    Right, now, Celtic FC – Supported by the catholics who hate Britain, some even hate Scotland, and would give an arm and a leg to be Irish. They buy Ireland tops, not scotland tops, sing Irish songs and claim to be Irish when they have never even been there and have no family there etc.. they are all very confused and don’t mind giving their support to the local Priests even thought they know what the fuckin Peado is up to.

    CLARIFICATION – Rangers love Scotland AND England.
    – Celtic fans hate us both, scum.

    1. Some of us just think of ourselves as Scottish. What is it with you Weegies? You’re either obsessed with Ireland or kissing the queen’s arse. You’re complaining about Celtic supporters wearing Ireland tops while admitting that some Rangers supporters buy the England shirt. I don’t know how you feel about that, but just give it some thought. Just as well Glasgow was a small town at the time of Bannockburn, or we’d have lost.

  17. Im English & a proud Brit ok & England football team wear the colours red, white n blue. Rangers are Scottish & are also proud Brits thus red, white n blue is not a problem if u support the Union(most people do in England & Scotland). So the GAFFER whoever you are do your homework next time before you make stupid statements that make nonsense & can cause trouble.

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