Manchester City Third Shirt Revealed For 2008/2009 Season?


Manchester City’s new third shirt for the 2008/2009 season is orange, or is it? The new shirt has been uncovered on the Internet and published by our friends at Football Shirts.

However, it’s quite possible that the shirt design is fake. The design and creases are exactly the same as the ones featured in this picture. Despite this, there have been several reports on the Internet that the shirt is indeed orange, so we’ll have to wait to get more evidence to determine what the real shirt looks like.

10 thoughts on “Manchester City Third Shirt Revealed For 2008/2009 Season?”

  1. You only have to look at the guys neck wearing the orange shirt just to see someone has chopped off Jo alves head & replaced it with someone elses

  2. Agreed…like he said, every wrinkle and crease is the same in both pictures, even the arms are the same – just a different head! Not a very good shop-job, ahha

  3. As well as having the same creases it’s also obvioulsy just got a different head pasted onto it.

    The arms and the neck are exactly the same as the picture of Jo!!!

    Someone really needs to try a bit harder 😉

  4. This IS a fake, I do photo retouching for a living and this is obviously just another shit stirring rag, the press just love having a dig at us at the moment!

  5. That’s just the home kit in orange its obviously not the right kit. Are we even getting a new third kit? ive not seen it advertised anywhere.

  6. I wuz ap de apple an pairs an fort I do dis grayt trick on bitter City. I aint sad onest guv. Gertcha

  7. Although it’s very clear that this is a manipulated photo, I think the idea is to show what the third shirt MIGHT look like. But why is it an issue that it would have the same design as the home shirt?
    Take a look at last years shirts; 1st and 2nd had the same design, only different colors

  8. And one more thing…
    If it looks like that, I’m definitely going to buy it!
    But then again, I probably will anyway, since I am a collector 😉

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