Project the US Lineup for Japan

We are less than 24 hours away from Team USA’s Olympic opener versus Japan tomorrow. What lineup would you like to see? I know I’m dreaming but I’d like to see a 4-5-1 where Jozy Altidore becomes a reserve and We utilize our width to push the ball up the flanks.

Here is my ideal lineup:







I know this is a major shakeup but much like Bruce Arena’s decision to shake up his side in the wake of poor performances in friendlies leading up to the 2002 World Cup, Nowak needs to make changes. It worked that time and could work again. What are our readers thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Project the US Lineup for Japan”

  1. I like this setup.

    I would suggest swapping Holden for Rogers though, but the formation and the tactical idea I think is perfect.

    Jozy has been off for a while now. Let him play 20-25 minutes against Japan, collect three points and then asses him for Holland on the weekend.

  2. I like this setup but would continue to play Bradley or even McCarty ahead of Feilhaber. If Bradley is a #10 type midfielder and has less defensive responsibilities he’ll excel.

  3. The biggest shake up wouldn’t be the lineup but the fact that an American coach tried to adapt. Never happen. Bring in Dom, or heck even Nicol!

  4. We can pillage Nowak but chances are.00000001% that the men will have a worse first five minutes than the woman did today.

    That match was disgraceful. Our arrogance in the woman’s game has caught up with us. Honestly, teams have recovered before from a bad first group game but this team looks sunk.

  5. We’ll still get out of the group, but today’s first five minutes were a disgrace. In the men’s game even San Marino would not come out so flat.

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