Poll: Premier League's Mini-Competition Idea

Tell us what you think of the Premier League’s new idea to play friendlies during the winter break beginning January 2011.

<a href=”http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/836692/” >Are you in favor of the Premier League’s worldwide mini-competition idea?</a> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href=”http://www.polldaddy.com”> polls</a>)</span>

One thought on “Poll: Premier League's Mini-Competition Idea”

  1. Rubbish idea. Will Wenger and the like play their best teams to win a nonsense cup where no-one else from the top 5 is in your competition? Of course not, they will treat it like the League cup. Best solution i have heard is send the Community Shield and stuff like the Emirates cup overseas and be done with it.

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