Spurs Update: Highlights


It was a treat to watch Spurs dismantle Borussia Dortmund in the Feyenoord Jubilee tournament. What was really awesome about the performance was that Juande Ramos seems to have established a balanced squad amidst the frantic ins and outs at White Hart Lane with the onus on attack.

Darren Bent scored again.. He seems to have hit form at just the right time and it would be impossible to not give him a starting spot for the start of the season. Whoever comes in to replace Keane must play second fiddle to him at least for a month into the season. Just watching him and Dos Santos score their goals makes me feel this could be Tottenham’s year. This could be their best chance to break into the top four. Do they need another forward?? that is a matter of perspective.. I think Arshavin would be a good buy if he can alternate on the left flank and forward positions. But I feel it more important to find a quality replacement for the departing Kaboul. I was surprised to not see Tottenham bid for Tal-Ben Haim. Defense has always been their Achilles heel and having just one more fullback in that squad could do wonders for them.

What was remarkable was to see so many new players play together seamlessly with a winning mentality. Aaron Lennon seems to have rediscovered the spark that he used so devastatingly in the past that catapulted him to the heights of a possible starting spot in the English football team. He made a mazzy run through the middle before laying it off for the final goal.

One thing that I did read about in many forums was the worryingly thin and injury prone defense. I agree to a certain extent that long term injuries will definitely rattle the spurs charge, but come on.. anyone who sees the spurs play in their preseason would know that Ramos has a clear emphasis on fitness and that must decrease the numbers in the treatment room. This might be just me, but the indiscipline under Jol was, I believe, one of the main reasons behind the high causality and slow recovery rates at White Hart lane.

The initial look at Spurs and their pre-season performances and the imminent arrival of more world class stars just gives me a glimmer of hope that the big 4 monopoly could be broken this season.. But hey, this is Tottenham we are talking about.. They have flattered to deceive too many times for anyone to consider them to be genuine contenders for anything..

Let us wait and watch what happens this season. I hope they finally add up to the sum of all their parts.. It all looks so promising.. watch this guys, this is how good they are now..



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