Everton And Newcastle Could Be On The Chopping Block

everton-newcastle.jpgThe Sunday newspapers in England are reporting that Everton and Newcastle United could be sold in the near future. If both clubs are sold to foreigners, that’ll mean 11 out of the 20 Premier League clubs will be foreign owned.

According to The Observer, Everton could be put up for sale if the government approves the club’s move from Goodison Park to Kirkby. Meanwhile, the News Of The World is reporting that Newcastle is in talks with one Asian company, while another Asian firm is very interested in purchasing the Tyneside club.

For Everton, it’s a question of whether the club wants to live in the past or move into the future. Many people, myself included, would hate to see Everton leave Goodison Park due to the history and the beauty of their ground. Moving outside Liverpool to a brand-new ground will generate more revenue for the club in terms of corporate facilities and additional punters in the seats, but the heart and soul would be ripped out of Everton Football Club. And who wants to have a Tesco supermarket on the same facility as a football ground?

Newcastle, despite their passionate fanbase, are a club in trouble mostly on the pitch. The club needs a massive injection of cash and a better run board to steer the Toon to future success. At the rate that Mike Ashley is going right now with few transfer signings, Kevin Keegan will be the first Premier League manager sacked this upcoming season.

If one of the Asian companies can buy out Ashley and spend the big money the club needs, Newcastle can get off its feet again and start pushing for a Champions League qualifying position.

If you’re a Everton or Newcastle fan — or a football supporter with an opinion — what would you do if you were Everton or Newcastle? Would you move to Kirkby and would you sell your club to an Asian billionaire? Share your thoughts by clicking the comments link below.

13 thoughts on “Everton And Newcastle Could Be On The Chopping Block”

  1. im a toon fan and the sooner mike ashley sells us the better. so far i this transfer window we have failed to sign anyone to replace our useless centre midfield ad i really do not thik mike ashley will ever invest a serius smount of money to get us back in the top 4, i appreciate the fact he paid off our depts, but fat freddy would at least make some big signings to inject some euphoria into the north east, and i aint seen newcastle fans this pessemistic in a pre season for a long time

  2. As a longstanding Everton fan and season ticketholder I feel the proposed move to Kirkby is wrong on so many fronts.
    It will be cheap,poorly located,badly accessed and will not attract corporate clients.
    In my opinion the only reason Kenwright and his pals are pushing for this is so that they can make a quick killing leaving EFC with a legacy of debt and a mausoleum for a stadium.
    I sincerely hope it is called in by the Government and “Blue Bill” is given a vote of no confidence at the looming EGM.

  3. I couldnt see everton move, been going there for nearly 20 years and seen some great moments, take over talk is welcome, but if it has to i nclude the stadium it proves kenwrights motives for a ground move outside liverpool are soley for his own pocket and not the future of the club!!!

  4. I don’t agree with article saying that Newcastle are in trouble on the pitch, haven’t had adequate investment and are not being steered in the right direction.

    Once we gained confidence and form we finished last season with top 4 form…check the last ten fixtures of last season.

    Mike ashley has paid off our debts, sorted out the staff and laid the groundworks for sustained success. Toonlink…where exactly did FS’s big signings and euphoria get us in the past? answer…nowhere. Jonas, Guthrie and Colocini isnt a bad haul. and I expect at least one more before the start of the season.

    Any investment into newcastle would always be welcome but I am happy with MA and King Kev so would not be worried if that doesnt come.

  5. Everton continue to fall further and further behind “The Pack” …. moving to Kirkby is not the perfect solution but compared to other alternatives that have been mentioned it would seem like the best bet to me. It is a divisive topic and I for one will be glad when some decision has been made and we can move on. I REALLY think it is time for new owners at EFC. Blue Bill has gone as far as he can and he seems to be losing control. Like all other clubs we HAVE to move on to survive.

  6. Toon Fan, there’s a difference between “Top 4 form” for 10 games and keeping it up for 38 games like those clubs do. Newcastle was very mediocre last season and was in the relegation fight until they picked it up at the very end of the year. To say anything else would be ignoring the truth of the matter.

  7. Michael. I agree with you in one respect, yes, we did only manage it for 10 games, but…KK was trying to shape his team during that time and, once we found the right formation and the right style, we played some half decent football. Not that I’m saying we’ll be a top 4 team next season, that would be ludicrous, however, I don’t think we’ll have as bad a season as we did last year (touch wood) 😛

  8. It sure would be a shame to see Everton move from Goodison Park, and considering their results the last few seasons I see no need for any such change in ownership/administration.

    Newcastle’s predicament will probably get worse mainly due to the tough expectations the barcode-fans hold them to. If Michael Owen goes down for another lengthy injury, I could easily see some changes in the works.

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