Ideas Sought For 2008/2009 Premier League Guide

rothmans-football-yearbook.gifAfter the successful launch of the free EPL travel guidebook, we’re busy at work on the next eBook — but we need your help.

Champions League Talk chief Lonnie Smetana and I are working on a guide to the 20 teams in the 2008/2009 Premier League season. Our goal is to create a useful reference guide that can be used by soccer fans throughout the entire season. I’m envisioning that the guide will be packed with statistics. Not to the extent of the Sky Sports Yearbook or old Rothman’s guides. But something that is an easy reference to pull up and nothing too overwhelming.

Here’s what we have so far for each club:

  • Position the club finished last season,
  • Formed,
  • Stadium, including capacity,
  • Nickname,
  • Shirt colors,
  • Formation,
  • Web site,
  • Anticipated starting eleven,
  • Squad,
  • Manager,
  • Points total for previous 5 seasons,
  • Transfers in,
  • Transfers out,
  • Strengths,
  • Weaknesses,
  • Most valuable player,
  • Breakout player,
  • Fixtures,
  • Predicted finish.

What are we missing? What would make it a guide that you would routinely open?

Please share your ideas by clicking the comments link below. The end result will be a better and more comprehensive guide to the 2008/2009 Premier League season. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

3 thoughts on “Ideas Sought For 2008/2009 Premier League Guide”

  1. I think you’re missing public transportation information.

    When I’m in the UK, I don’t know the acronyms for all the local train & bus agencies, nor do I know how to find schedules, routes, costs, etc. If a guidebook simply said “Take the 33 from Princes Lane for Tynecastle Stadium, 1.20 pounds,” then I’d know all I needed to know for the day.

  2. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the idea. I think, though, you’re mixing up the eBooks. The idea you mentioned would be ideal for the EPL Travel Guide. I’ll consider that for a future edition of the guide.

    But for the Premier League guide, it’d be more of a guide to each of the 20 teams, the club and its players.

    The Gaffer

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