Which Premier League Clubs You're Most Likely To See On UK TV

premier-league-logo1.jpgSky Sports and Setanta Sports recently unveiled their TV schedule for the 2008/2009 season. But out of the 53 Premier League matches currently scheduled through 1st December, which clubs will be shown most often on television? And what clubs will you have to wait two months to see on telly?

Some of these findings may surprise you. Here are the top 20 Premier League clubs you’re most likely to see on UK TV.

  1. Arsenal, 9 times on TV, first game 16th August
  2. Liverpool, 9 times, 16th August
  3. Chelsea, 9 times, 17th August
  4. Newcastle United, 7 times, 17th August
  5. Tottenham Hotspur, 7 times, 31st August
  6. Manchester United, 6 times, 17th August
  7. Everton, 6 times, 14th September
  8. Manchester City, 5 times, 24th August
  9. West Ham United, 5 times, 24th August
  10. Aston Villa, 5 times, 31st August
  11. West Bromwich Albion, 4 times, 16th August
  12. Sunderland, 4 times, 16th August
  13. Bolton Wanderers, 4 times, 20th September
  14. Blackburn Rovers, 4 times, 4th October
  15. Portsmouth, 3 times, 17th August
  16. Fulham, 3 times, 23rd August
  17. Wigan Athletic, 3 times, 24th August
  18. Stoke City, 3 times, 14th September
  19. Middlesbrough, 3 times, 18th October
  20. Hull City, 2 times, 27th September

When Premiership teams are scheduled to be shown on television the same number of times, they’re then prioritized by when the club’s first match is. For example, both Arsenal and Liverpool will be shown 9 times on television, but Arsenal ended in first place because they have the early kick-off on the opening day of the season.

What’s most surprising is that Manchester United will only be on television six times. In comparison, clubs such as Newcastle and Tottenham will be on TV more often.

If you’re a Liverpool or Arsenal fan, you’ll be able to watch your club on TV more than any club. But spare a thought for supporters of Blackburn Rovers and Middlesbrough — both clubs won’t be seen on television until October.

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