How Often Your Favorite Premier League Club Will Be Shown On US TV

premier-league-logo1.jpgWhile your Premier League brethren in the United Kingdom have to wait more than two months before they’ll be able to see all 20 clubs playing entire matches on television, viewers in the United States will only have to wait one week thanks to coverage from Setanta Sports and Fox Soccer Channel.

In fact, you’ll be able to see 18 of the 20 teams play during the first weekend of August 16-17. By the following weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the final two teams not shown up until then which will be Stoke and Bolton.

Here’s the complete list of how many times you can expect to see your favorite Premier League club from August 16 through December 1st (note that not all of the TV schedules have been announced yet, so the numbers will significantly increase in the coming weeks):

  1. Liverpool, 11 times on TV, first game August 16
  2. Arsenal, 10 times, August 16
  3. Everton, 10 times, August 16
  4. Tottenham Hotspur, 9 times, August 16
  5. West Ham United, 9 times, August 16
  6. Chelsea, 9 times, August 17
  7. Aston Villa, 8 times, August 16
  8. Blackburn Rovers, 8 times, August 16
  9. Newcastle United, 8 times, August 16
  10. Sunderland, 8 times, August 16
  11. Fulham, 7 times, August 16
  12. Middlesbrough, 7 times, August 16
  13. Bolton Wanderers, 7 times, August 23
  14. West Bromwich Albion, 6 times, August 16
  15. Manchester City, 6 times, August 16
  16. Manchester United, 6 times, August 17
  17. Stoke City, 6 times, August 23
  18. Portsmouth, 5 times, August 17
  19. Wigan Athletic, 4 times, August 16
  20. Hull City, 4 times, August 16

What’s interesting is how few times Manchester United will be shown on TV during the first few months of the season. The reason why is because the TV schedules from Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta Sports haven’t been released for all of the matches after October 4th — and chances are Man United will be featured several more times — so the above list is a little misleading at this time. Plus, one of Man United’s matches early in the season has been postponed because the club will be playing in the Euro Super Cup on August 29th against Zenit St. Petersburg.

While Boro fans in England have to wait more than two months before they see their team on live TV, Middlesbrough fans in the United States will see their team on TV on the opening day of the season. Liverpool, meanwhile, will be shown more than any other club.


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