Televisa Launches New Soccer Network, Planeta Futbol

televisa-logo.PNGJust when you thought there weren’t enough room for another soccer network, Televisa will soon be launching Planeta Futbol. The new network, for Spanish-speaking countries, will feature the Premier League, Mexican tournament matches and La Liga.

Planeta Futbol will be available through foreign cable and satellite providers. According to Variety, “[The network] will almost certainly include entrance into U.S. markets, where the most obvious competition lies with the Spanish-language Fox Sports en Espanol and the Fox Soccer Channel. Planteta Futbol would essentially merge these two concepts into one.”

Fox Sports en Espanol, Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV will want to keep a close eye on Televisa. The Mexican firm is the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world.

2 thoughts on “Televisa Launches New Soccer Network, Planeta Futbol”

  1. Won’t ESPN Deportes want to throw their hat into the ring when all of the different rights packages come up for bid among the English and Spanish leagues?

  2. ESPN Deportes and Fox Sports Espanol is toddler’s stiff compared to Televisa or Azteca in Mexico. They also cover the sport very differently than American or British viewers are used to. I personally love everything Televisa and Azteca does. Having spent so many years watching the sport exclusively in Spanish between the fall of the NASL and the start of MLS, I love their style, presentation and brutal honesty as commentators.

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