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Poll: Is Carlos Tevez Worth £32 Million?

Several British newspapers are reporting that Manchester United are willing to pay £32 million to sign Carlos Tevez on a permanent basis. Is he worth it? You decide.

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11 Responses to Poll: Is Carlos Tevez Worth £32 Million?

  1. bryan in sf says:

    If ugly was valuable, Teves would be a billionaire. But yes I think he is probably worth 32 million pounds; what’s another exhorbitant contract in the EPL?

  2. Lonnie says:

    That’s a loaded and a little bit vague of a question. You could argue that no player’s contract rights are worth that much cash — that’s a fee just to gain the right to sign him to a contract — it does not take into account what he’ll be paid in salary. Fees like this are what teams need to look at and decide if they want to buy for crazy amounts or if they want to spend some time to work with the young talent they’ve got on hand at the club.

    On the other hand, based on what Torres and others have been selling for it’s not unreasonable. Hopefully they won’t have to pay that much though as they already paid some ridiculous loan fee for last year. £5m or something in that neighborhood.

  3. rurouni_sena says:

    tevez is worth somewhere 32 million euros not pound. that is one crazy money we are talking about. that is too much money for tevez. besides when he retires in 4 years time, or he pushes for fairytale ending with boca, we wont get a penny from him. that is too much to spend on a single player knowing he wont score that many and he has no value at the end of the contract.

  4. Matt says:

    Not definitely but not absolutely not either. Crap poll choices.

  5. Adam says:

    Worth every penny. He’s pure class. He scores in the big games at the most important times.

  6. patrick says:

    He was worth about 60 million to West Ham.

  7. Ian Hough says:

    Hi there, Gaffer, how’s it going mate? It’s Ian Hough, author of Perry Boys. I think Tevez is a total team player who gives his all. Kind of like Rooney. These players are the backbone of the side and Fergie has shown great vision for years now when it comes to the bricks and mortar aspect of team building. We need our stars like Ronaldo and Beckham but ultimately without the lads who can come on and put solid pressure on the opposition simply by being everywhere at once (Nani and Anderson are two more great workers who put themselves all over the field) we are not cohesive.
    Tev is worth 60 million!

  8. eplmatches says:

    Yes he does..

    We could see him scoring some crucial goals in crucial time for Man Utd. Actually he deserves more than 32M!!!

  9. chris says:

    not a chance in hell! i would’nt pay that, scores good goals and passes well but no where near good enough for man utd plus he is very very very very lazy, please before you comment on this watch him in a game and see what happens when he loses the ball, he will wonder around for a good 45 seconds before jogging back to the posistion he is playing in. one of the most over rated players on the planet and is not like rooney in anyway, a galaxy apart in talent, desire and raw passion. he is only rated because of what he did at west ham and is now classed as a savior, well darren bent scored just as many in the same amount of games in the same league with a worse team (charlton) yet you dont see every1 banging on about him.

  10. ritwik says:

    yes of course he deserves every single penny of it… hes a gem of a talent!!

  11. hillary says:

    oh men…tevez is so ch

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