West Brom Makes History With Sponsorless Football Shirts

west brom new home shirt West Brom Makes History With Sponsorless Football Shirts

Let’s hope that West Bromwich Albion are better on the pitch than off it this season.Due to the club’s complete incompetence, the Baggies have not secured a club sponsor for the 2008/2009 season. This means that the fans and players will adorn their official football shirts without a sponsor’s name emblazoned across the chest.West Bromwich Albion’s commercial department was recently ranked as the most incompetent in the Premier League. The club still hasn’t officially unveiled what the new home and away kits look despite the fact that EPL Talk readers have seen leaked pictures since May 23.According to the club, “Should the discussions with potential shirt sponsors reach a successful conclusion, supporters who have purchased unsponsored shirts will be given the opportunity to have the new sponsors’ brand welded on at no charge at a later date.”Tell me, what mad football fan will want to make the effort to go back to the club shop and have the sponsor’s logo added to his or her shirt?Instead of dwelling on the negative, West Bromwich Albion has the opportunity to turn the story into a positive PR piece. They’ll be the only club in the Premier League without a sponsor’s logo on their shirt, which should help increase sales. In fact, the club could market the shirt as a collector’s item before a sponsor is selected. Think about it. When’s the next time that a club won’t have a sponsor on the front of their shirt for the beginning of the new season? Five years? Ten years? Never?

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26 Responses to West Brom Makes History With Sponsorless Football Shirts

  1. Matt Baggie says:

    I wouldn’t put it down to incompetance – I think most WBA are looking forward to our club not being tarnished by some stupid corporate logo. The club are simply holding out for the money they believe the brand is worth. Its no PR diasaster at all – I think you’ve got what should be the start of your article at the end. When will see another rubbish article? Five minutes? Ten minutes? propbably.

  2. Matt Baggie says:

    Villa went into a Premier League season with no sponsor unitl Muller came along…

    Has to be written by a dingle this! lol!

  3. Dan says:

    West Ham have played without a sponsor.

  4. phil says:

    Incompetance?, or just a journo to lazy or incompetant to track down the reasons for no sponsors.

    if you knew your football – the possible LDV sponsor and possible selling of the club to the LDV director – who’s if successful in buying the club – would make WBA possibly the richest club in the Country – Go figure!

  5. Anglesey Baggie says:

    A Yankie Dingle at that. A typical US perspective, measuring the efficiency of a clubs commercial department by the date of release of new shirts!

    The design of the shirts was also leaked by the Express and Dingle rag in another jealous effort to embarrass the club, was picked up over here via NewsNow of course. Very sad.

  6. Anglesey Baggie says:

    New Goalie Jersey design released, the one that wasn’t leaked!


  7. stathams pies says:

    Love it back to the eighties,

    no sponsor is brilliant for the few that get the shirts

    proper old skool- can’t imagine anyone wanting the sponsor transfered on when they happen like the club promises.

    now all we’ve got to do is get all the players to get billy the fish type back perms

  8. Patrick Albion says:

    Whoever wrote this article needs to do some proper investiagting and stop being so damn lazy!

    We Are Albion

  9. I agree with the positive spin: Sponsorships on kits are tacky.

  10. baggiebloke says:

    Is this “story” a joke?

    Aside from the inaccuracies in this article, I’ll be buying my lovely new shirt on Monday, and might even but a second when our new sponsorship deal is announced.

    Boing! Boing!

  11. BILSTON BAGGIE says:

    What a load of rubbish!

    Bring on the Premier League, with sponsor or without!


  12. yoda says:

    West Brom back in the Premier League. That’s what is important. Premier League football; Incompetent?!?!?

  13. yoda says:

    who cares about a shirt sponsor? looks better with the toolage.

  14. jhonners says:

    The new goalie top looks nice. Bet you’re looking forward to seeing on the telly arn’t you Anglesey Baggie? Lets face in, that’s the only way you’ll see it!!

  15. the real yoda says:

    does anyone on thi page speak english??

  16. dusty says:


  17. FC United in the Unibond Premier also have no sponser on the front of the shirt and that is on purpose. I would applaude West Brom if they stayed with out a sponser for the remainder of the season, it would make more of a statement then getting one.

  18. Blackcountry kid says:

    Dusty…. calm down ar kid… yome goin to bost a vein ar kid.
    I dow want a logo on my shirt cuz it looks saft.. its my money!
    mind ya..Boing Boing across the front wood be bostin!!!
    … Voted The best Premier Fans last time around and so it will be agin…kee the faith fellow boingers..

  19. Baggie in the Manc says:

    Dusty obviously doesn’t seem to understand the politics surrounding English football, this is probably because he or she is a moron. Let me explain: The England team are crap. We know this because anyone who is lazy and overpaid will undoubtedly become complaicent. Secondly, England don’t stand a chance of stability because there is a fat headed fool running the show (Brian Barwick). He’s almost as intelectually impotent as you, Dusty. Thirdly, assuming with a name like Dusy you are from the States, if we had to qualify for the World Cup against the might of Trinidad and Tobago and Honduras we would probably make it to every World Cup Finals in spite of our crippling shortcomings. The English league is the best in the world because it is the paciest and most hard fought league in the world. There are a lot of quality foreign players in our league, which means the local lads rightfully have to fight for their places but often don’t get much match experience, so therefore Capello’s options are limited. As for sponsers, who cares? As a club the money earned gaining promotion should surfice. I’m far more interested in who the real Gaffer is going to enrole to cement up the massive gaps Gera and Phillips appear to have left. If pre season results are anything to go by, there’s a lot of work to be done in the transfer market.

  20. clarke says:

    wot a tit nuff said

  21. DaveWBA says:

    What a lazy piece of journalism. Wholly inacurate and one-sided. Maybe ‘Gaffer’ should do his research before writing such twaddle.

    Barcelona played without a sponsor for years because they believed the brand could not be bought for a sponsorship price. All WBA have done is reached a point where rather than selling to anyone, they’ve decided that the bids do not equal the value they place on the club brand. I’d call it a principled stance rather than incompetence.

  22. Harry F. says:

    “Due to the club’s complete incompetence”……

    What a reasoned and well argued point. Clearly ‘The Gaffer’ is a well informed journalist, and definitely not lazy and sensationalist.

    BTW – that’s called sarcasm.

    West Brom are actually one of the tightest run ships financially in the Premier League, and I say that as a Gooner, not a Baggie. I also say it as someone who works closely with an agent (yes, they are bleeding the game dry) so I know what I’m talking about.

    As for the “West Brom’s commercial dept. were recently ranked most incompetent” link, it might be less misleading if you added who did the ranking i.e. the half-wits at this website. Hardly an official study.
    There are many, MANY good reason for delaying the release of shirts and your little ranking game is an absolute joke. You know nothing about the business of football. NOTHING.

  23. dusty says:


  24. steve-o says:

    thee ist a moron

  25. FrancoBaggie says:

    Maltese????? Do they play football there?? Dusty, take a day off….please.

  26. BradWba says:

    Wat is it gonna be like ??????????????????

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