Pride Park Lives Up To Its Name

Despite having the worst year that a football fan could have if you supported Derby Pride ParkCounty like I do, the loyalty showed by the clubs fans were  recognized in a Sky Sports survey. Even as Derby only claimed one win last season (1-0 v Newcastle) the Derby faithful sold out Pride Park, usually sold out the Rams away allotment and then turned around and sold an impressive 22,000 season tickets for the upcoming CCC season. The survey showed that 53% of Derby fans watched at least 15 matches. Let me tell you as a Derby fan, that was not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. That was more then any other club in England last season. While the pride of the players may have come into question a time or many, the pride of the fans in Derby County showed week in and week out. Congratulations to my fellow Rams fans for being the most loyal fans in England!

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