Forget A Four-Horse Race, It Will Be Man United And Chelsea At The Top Again


There is familiar talk circulating around the football world at the moment. It has occurred at this time of the year for the last few seasons now, but never has its idea come to fruition. The many managers, fans and newspapers who spoke of its possibility in the past were left embarrassed when their opinions were made a mockery of. So those who believe the chat this time around are risking their footballing credentials being shattered once again.Manchester United and Chelsea have retained the top two positions in the Premier League table for the last four seasons now and but in many people’s view that trend may be about to buckle. However, this has been said by many supporters and followers of the game for so many years now, at this stage when pre-season is taking place, but never have their theories been proven correct.Every year, fans across the nation say to one another, “This could be the year you know, this could be the year that there all four top teams challenge together for the title.” But in the end, the two teams that clearly possess less quality have fallen short of a worthy Premier League push, and have ended up finishing where they really should finish – in the third and fourth positions. And that is where Liverpool and Arsenal will end up again this term.Both teams may have won plenty of major trophies in the past, and Liverpool may still be England’s most successful club of all time, but for the last few years they have been below par in terms of mounting title challenges. In fact, Arsenal have not even won any sort of trophy since Patrick Vieira lifted the FA Cup in 2005. And Liverpool’s recent league record is even more embarrassing, because they have not been champions of England for eighteen long years. Traditions must be resumed for these two great clubs, but this season is very unlikely to be the time when they re-emerge as the leading two teams in the country.This is because at the present moment, neither side has the necessary talent to maintain a title challenge over nine long, hard months of battle. In fact, Liverpool fans were more confident of a title push last summer after the terrific capture of Fernando Torres. This season, though, only average full-backs have been signed as of yet, and Gareth Barry and Robbie Keane’s transfers looking to be stalling somewhat. If both players can eventually be signed it will bring some brilliant quality into the starting eleven, but I still believe the club needs three or four more match-winning players.As I have said in a previous article, I think another flying winger needs to be bought to accompany Ryan Babel. The fewer attacking starlets that can win a team a match with a moment of brilliance, the less chance that team has of scoring goals, and this is something Liverpool have found out ever since Rafael Benitez took over as manager. This problem needs to be addressed very soon if the Spaniard has any aspirations of one day leading the club to Premier League glory.As I have said, I feel that Manchester United and Chelsea will once again fight for the league crown, and one of the reasons that they are at the top year after year is because they have around five match-winning stars in their ranks. United own Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo, Scholes and Nani, whilst Ryan Giggs and other players are also major threats. Chelsea have Lampard, Drogba, Joe Cole, Ballack and Deco.During Benitez’s era, Liverpoolhave bought too many average players and not enough match-winning players. I believe only Gerrard and Torres possess match-winning quality, whilst Ryan Babel is on his way to achieving that sort of status. Arsenal have Fabregas and Adebayor, so they also need some more world-class players.World class players mean league championships more often than not, so for at least one more year is will be Manchester United and Chelsea at the top of the Premier League. Don’t believe what you hear about a four-horse race.


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