A Flying Winger Is Still A Necessity For Liverpool

babel-arsenal-goal.jpgAston Villa’s steady midfielder Gareth Barry and Tottenham’s crafty forward Robbie Keane look to set be Liverpool’s two most significant transfers this summer, if the club can secure the signatures of the pair, but in my opinion it is a another flying winger that would benefit the team most.With youngster Ryan Babel already making an impressively vibrant impact last season on the left-hand side of midfield, I believe a similar type of player on the right-hand side would be extremely helpful to the side’s stuttering attacking play. Only the surging forward runs of inspirational captain Steven Gerrard and the clinical finishing of Spaniard Fernando Torres sparked our offensive play last season as well as the Dutchman, and if the club want the challenge for major honours this time around then more contributions will be needed.Put Torres to one side and Liverpool’s other strikers simply didn’t score enough goals. Andriy Voronin turned out to be one of the worst signings I have ever seen by Liverpool, Peter Crouch didn’t play often enough to put a string of good performances together and Dirk Kuyt was mainly deployed as a right-midfielder and in a position completely different to his preferred role. Crouch has since been sold to Portsmouth for a hefty fee, but Voronin and Kuyt remain.The arrival of Keane should be a huge boost to this department though, and a forward partnership with Torres could flourish into one of the most potent strike forces in the Premier League. If the Tottenham striker does eventually end up at Anfield, then Rafael Benitez must partner the pair up front together. It would be criminal not to. Kuyt and Voronin would then have to play second fiddle to those two, and sitting on the bench may occur quite often for them, because Kuyt can surely not be thrown into the right-midfield berth once again.When the Dutch forward plays there, it limits the team’s attacking options hugely because he is not a winger who can take full-backs on or swing in a beautifully delivered cross. Jermaine Pennant is more this type, but injuries, bad performances and off the field matters mean that he has slipped down the pecking order somewhat. If there were two Ryan Babel’s then Liverpool would sign them both – one for each wing. But there isn’t, so Benitez and the board must go looking for a similar player who can create opportunities for themselves and teammates with the same ease that Babel did on many occasions last season. Without this needed signing taking place over the next month or so, I cannot see Liverpool winning the Premier League title at all. There will still be a lot of doubt if we do capture a quality player of this specific role, but at least it will give the fans more hope.Signing a stable central-midfielder like Gareth Barry is alright, but for Liverpool a quality new addition is not really needed in that area of the pitch, as they already have Gerrard, Javier Mascherano, Xabi Alonso and Lucas. The right-wing position actually has a massive void in it, crying out for someone to come and fill it.All title challenging clubs have two flying wingers who can take people on and whip balls into the box. Manchester United have Ryan Giggs and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as the support cast of Nani. Chelsea have Joe Cole and Florent Malouda, as well as Salomon Kalou. A proper right-winger is a necessity for Liverpool. They must act now.

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  1. Have to disagree with the little bit of Kuyt bashing. He was brilliant on the right last season. His movement opens up the channels for Torres to play between the lines as Rafa always puts it. Torres has said himself that many of his goals were the result of Kuyts all day running, allowing space to open up for him. So can everyone stop givin him a hard time. (great fo the dutch this summer too)

  2. Ronaldo and Cole are not wingers. For that matter, Babel isn’t one either. He’s not there to cross, he’s there to cut in and shoot or pass. United played mostly with three forwards constantly switching positions. That’s the way the modern game has gone. Oh and Kuyt did a massive job for us on the right, as he did for Holland at Euro ’08. As well as doing his defensive duties much better than someone like Pennant, he actually gets into great positions in the box because he has a striker’s instincts.

  3. Can´t say i agree with of this story..
    As you say David, Kuyt was brilliant in the last part of the season at the right. But i would like to see a new “flying winger” this season, as i see it it´s only David Silva that we need. Reira is rubbish.
    Voronin one of the worst signing ever??? This man can´t seen Houliers signings and the mistake not to keep Anelka to bring in Diouf instead.. =)

  4. I think from the signings by Benitez so far illustrates he wants width from his full backs… is a rampaging full back a more cost effective acquisition than a starring winger ? i think so.

    Barry will give us balance from the left side, especially with Babel being right footed and cutting onto his stonger foot. Dossena running forward and Barry going out left allowing Gerrard to go forward, Masch to sit and Agger making moves better than Alonso on heat !!

    Rafa knows what hes doing. We dont have bottomeless pockets. Instead, Rafa is adding the finishing touches to his masterpiece, but with hungry players.

    Bring in Robbie Keane and you have a guy that will die for the club. I would rather have Barry and Keane than any slightly built spanish/portugese player living on past glories.

    These 2 guys are hungry for success NOW and for Liverpool.

    I really cant wait for the new season to begin !

  5. Anonymous – Babel, Cole and Ronaldo are still classed as wingers no matter how much cutting inside and shooting they do.

    Darren – Yes, maybe a rampaging full-back is the solution, but we will have to wait and see if Dossena and Degan are actually good enough first.

    I also appreciate that Kuyt has done well for other players in his right-midfield position, but that means we are almost losing a postion on the park if all he is doing is freeing up space for Torres and midfielers. Torres will still get goals without him, and a new flying winger will get goals for himself too – adding up to MORE goals overall.

  6. I was hoping Rafa would make a swoop for David Bentley and offload Pennant in exchange. Bentley adds a lot of width and danger in set pieces. Supposedly he is worth around 14 Million to Blackburn which is good value for a player his age.

    I think a good classy winger would do wonders for the team and just give Torres and Gerrard more space to roam with the added width.

    But a classic winger doesn’t exactly fit with the current formation of a 4-2-3-1. Especially if the team signs Keano. The formation really lead to a lot of goals and the most attacking the team has seen in years(no thanks to Torres as well). I also think the signing of a winger and Keane would be the end of Kuyt. He really can’t fight Torres/Keane or a solid Right Winger for a position and it would be a shame. Kuyt although has shown to be shakey at times , is always a major work horse.


    Either way that looks like a good line up to me, one that could maybe contend.

  7. Hey. I usually reserve snide comments to myself but really, David and Anon, do u guys even watch LFC play football?

    Dirk Kuyt is trash. Hes not a winger, hes a crap striker, but sure, hes a world class right back. Please stop being ridiculous and go on and on regarding Kuyt’s WONDERFUL DEFENSIVE DUTIES. Is pepe reina’s finishing abilities ever praised? I heard hes got a lethal shot. BUT HEY PEPE’s a KEEPER AND THE ONLY THING WE CARE IS HIS KEEPING ABILITIES.

    If Dirk Kuyt IS A WINGER, and even more importantly, a striker, WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT HIS DEFENSIVE QUALITIES?

    HMMMM because Dirk Kuyt opens up space for torres, therefore his “defensive qualities” is IMPERATIVE for LFC’s top striker???

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u really think Torres cant operate without a “defensive winger” to open space for him? Do u tihnk torres cant be a shining star without a “defensive winger”? I think u need to really really reconsider because you are currently insulting the best striker in the world by saying he needs some winger to sacrifice and move on to defending in order to score goals.

    Wingers and Strikers operate together not by the route of the winger creating space with AIMLESS RUNNING ABOUT throwing in say 10 successsful tackles per game.

    Consider the alternative, a good winger who swings in 10 successful crosses a game. I think that will help Torres more than what Kuyt can ever provide.

    Kuyt sucks. Period. Right back maybe..

    1. The myth that his “defensive qualities” are wonderful is bullshit. Teams dun need wingers to defend. Man U doesnt need a defensive winger. Their wingers act as a third striker (u know who im talkin about..) Chelsea doesnt have a defensive winger. Nobody has a defendsive winger. cos it doesnt work. If pple rate WINGBACKS for their attacking qualities, i tihnk defensive qualities dun really count much for a winger.

    2. Dirk Kuyt is slow. Period. Hes got a huge ass that makes him look slow, but in reality, he is still very slow.

    3. Dirk Kuyt’s control is worse than a high school team’s star player. Watch LFC games. I gurantee u, under pressure, Kuyt miscontrols 10 out of 20 balls , loses the remaining 5 out of 20 while trying to dribble, and mispasses 4 out of 20, and well, maybe use 1 ball well.

    4. Dirk Kuyt has no sense of a predator. His little goal run in champions league was more of luck than anytihng. Saw his inter milan goal? he scored nice goals against beshiktas however u spell it thats it.

    5. Dirk Kuyt looks like a Trisomy 21 patient. Also known as a Downs Syndrome.

    6. Okay if that aint enough, lastly, I dislike dirk kuyt because he was supposed to be a 20 goal 20 assist (so called “20-20”) player every season when he came to liverpool. He ended up being 10 goals (at best) and 20 tackles. Seriously, if Peter Crouch had as many chances as he did, Crouchie would have scored as much as Kuyt did. Oh wait. Crouch did score as much as Kuyt. With 25% of Kuyt’s on the field time.

  8. Sorry. My point was to illustrate that Liverpool really really needs a good classy winger. I rather get Silva than Keane even though that may sound strange becuase Babel can probably do well as a striker if we need him to be.

    If we make only 1 more signing this season and get Silva or some rreally good winger suhc as Quaresma, we can play him on the right wing, perhaps give Benayoun alittle bit more time to do his tricksy stuff on the left wing or still employ babel as the flying dutch man. The quality of a world class winger will shine through and give us a real shot at the title. Its not striking options thats lacking we did well with Gerrard- Torres.

    We need a new dimension of attack which is dangerous crosses from the right. Teams will be watching and studying videos of Gerrard-Torres from last season and they are no longer gonna be as effective if they continue to only break through the middle. Its not because they will deterioate, but u have to admit premier ship defenders are not retards. If they know your movement its probably gonna get a bit harder to try to get past them.

    A (VERY GOOD) classic winger on the right would be an element of surprise and allow cross balls to reach gerrard and torres and babel and even mascherano alonso. There are no videos of that because we never had any good balls in from the right other than from Pennant but he seems to be unable to perform on big occassions other than that MotM performance against chelsea which he scored a screamer.

    Therefore I really hope I didnt offend anybody with my random 3 am rants but yeah a world class traditional winger who can run past pple and swing in crosses would be perfect. LFC doesnt need wingers to cut in and shoot or defend or whatever. Just classic crosses that are well aimed and whipped in with speed and swerve.

  9. have to agree with that article 100%
    why is everyone else saying that Kuyt did a great job for the team? what a joke! yeah, defensively perhaps he did well in some games, but as an attacking option which is what he is supposed to offer the team, he was hopeless. Man U & co have got awesome wingers thats why they score goals…which WIN GAMES!! Yes Keane & Barry would be good signings, but without a quality winger, then how are we supposed to create enough goals to get close to the title? you can’t rely on the defence all year. Babel will be good, but at this stage in unproven, apart from that what other options do we have? Nothing. Liverpool, go get a world class winger, then watch the goals pour in…until then though, we’ll continue to do what we’ve done every year & that’s play for fourth spot…

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