The Ronaldo Saga Will Continue To Interest

14367-1915_881263374__cristiano_ronaldo___h231435_l.jpgEven when the competitive football begins again in August, and when Manchester United’s wonderfully creative displays are likely to re-emerge once more and fans across the nation endlessly talk about the unbelievable goals they scored the night before, the transfer saga surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo is certain to remain on the lips of many.If the Portuguese superstar is to remain at Old Trafford for another season, which seems likely after both the manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, and the chief executive, David Gill, confirmed the club would not be selling him this summer, then his every move this season will be watched eagerly to conclude how committed he really is towards Manchester United.If the winger scores plenty of goals and performs exceedingly well in the early stages of the campaign, it is likely that much of the criticism and speculation over his apparent desire to ditch United and move to Real Madrid will halt to a steady stop for a few months at least. The rumours will continue as rapidly as they have been recently if he does not look up to the task though.Of course, Ronaldo is still expected to complete his ‘dream’ move next summer whatever takes place this season, and the transfer will have more time to develop because there is no month-long international tournament next year like there was this time around with the European Championships in Austria and Switzerland.The transfer will be concluded much quicker if Ronaldo performs well for United this season though, because Sir Alex Ferguson will be in a much more forgiving mood towards the Portuguese if he has given one last effort for the good of the club.This does not, however, mean that Ferguson thinks Ronaldo would be doing the right thing by moving to the Spanish capital. The Scottish manager was quoted this week as saying that it would be a terrible career move for the 23 year-old, and that Manchester United is the right club for him. However true these statements of advice are likely to be; it will ultimately be Ronaldo’s decision as to where his future lies beyond this campaign, and his occasional comment or two to foreign journalists suggest he sees his football career flourish in Madrid over the next few years, and not Manchester.How much determination and commitment Ronaldo will show for United in the coming season has already raised many questions and doubts from the media, and even some of the club’s own supporters that I have recently spoken too. They have insisted that they do not want a greedy player who does not want to be at the club playing for the team that they love so much, no matter how much world-class talent he may possess.So even if Manchester United begin their Premier League campaign with a roaring team victory over Newcastle at Old Trafford on August 17th, there will still be much analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo’s individual performance by pundits and fans alike. They will look out for any glimpse of uncertainty or lack of effort, because if they find any they will be right on his back. This will be a very interesting season for United’s boy wonder.


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