Tottenham Hotspur Launches New Website Redesign


Not to be outdone by its London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur has recently launched a redesigned version of its website at

The new Spurs site features a sleek design but it’s nothing new in comparison to other recently redesigned sites such as the ones from Chelsea and Portsmouth.

In fact, take a look at the Spurs website, imagine if the Spurs name wasn’t featured near the top navigation bar and the site looks extremely similar in color and format to Chelsea’s website.

Not to pick on Spurs, but most websites from Premier League clubs are carbon copy designs of rival clubs, and very few — if any — are entirely original.

What are your thoughts about the new Spurs website? Share your feedback by clicking the comments link below.

10 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Launches New Website Redesign”

  1. You probably have some similar company selling them the same application/content management system. The site has looked like this for a bit. Surely your article is a bit old

  2. The changes are new!!! But… to be honest, I’d never been on Chelsea’s website (just popped on now to have a look) so would never have noticed… if Chelsea made a good website that works well why not use the format… at the end of the day it’s a bloody website.. who cares??

  3. wtf!?? how could we have copied chelseas site if ours has been up there for fekin ages.. like 6months!?
    if anything .. they copied ours.. but i dont care

  4. Lazy and crap article. The website is hardly new dear boy – maybe check your facts first? Or perhaps just give up the hobby

  5. Based on your comments, I did some additional research and uncovered that the website redesign did in fact go live in October. My apologies for the mistake.

    What threw me off was that some of the pages of the site had been moved around, so it’s quite possible that they’ve been making modifications to the site even since the redesign went live last Fall.

    The Gaffer

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