Middlesbrough Unveils New Away Shirt For 2008/2009 Season


Middlesbrough has unveiled their new away shirt for the 2008/2009 season with a design that’s manufactured by Errea and sponsored by Garmin.

The blue and black striped shirt is reminiscent of Inter Milan’s home shirt. But interestingly, according to the Middlesbrough web site, “the new shirt sees a return of the blue and black vertical stripes that were so popular with the club’s supporters in the early 1970s.”

The new away shirt will be available as of July 24.

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8 thoughts on “Middlesbrough Unveils New Away Shirt For 2008/2009 Season”

  1. I actually like the new Boro away shirts. Though I hope they’re not as shiny as it looks like the sleeve is in that photo. I’m so glad they’re sticking with Garmin and are away from 888.com.

  2. Boro FINALLY got it right this season – The white band for home shirts, Inter Milan for away shirts.

    This pretty much guarantees a top-4 finish, I reckon.

    That is, unless magpies swoop down to take our shiney players back to their nests.

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