The Independent Retracts Story About Gary Megson Sacking

the-independent-newspaper.jpgThe Independent newspaper has publicly acknowledged that it got its facts wrong in a story about the future of Bolton manager Gary Megson, which was originally published on April 8, 2008.

The newspaper originally wrote that the club was “planning an overhaul in its management structure and was set to appoint a coach to work with a director of football and that as a result Gary Megson would be sacked.”

But in an interesting turn of events, The Independent admitted on July 17 that the “statements were totally incorrect and that Bolton Wanderers Football Club was not, and is not, considering a change in its management and has not considered changing the manager, far less made such a decision.”

It’s quite common for U.S. newspapers, such as The New York Times, to feature a section for corrections where editors highlight errors that have been featured in the paper. While the practice is commonplace in the United States, it’s quite rare to find in British newspapers.

One thought on “The Independent Retracts Story About Gary Megson Sacking”

  1. Nice story, had totally missed this one. Certainly didn’t see any mention of it on The Bolton News website. I would point out though that The Guardian has a page every day where it corrects all the errors from the previous edition.

    I have written my own criticisms of The Bolton News’ coverage on my blog here…

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