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free-ebook.jpgFor those of you wondering what the major announcement was that I teased you with earlier this week, here it is. EPL Talk has launched a free ebook entitled In Pursuit Of Real Football: The Soccer Fan’s Ultimate Travel Guide To Attending EPL Matches In England.If you’ve always dreamed of going to England to experience Premier League matches in person, this is the ebook for you. The 30 page book is packed with tips on how to save more than a thousand dollars while seeing as many matches as possible and touring the beautiful country of England.Anything and everything you’ll need to know to make the trip of a lifetime is inside the ebook. Valued at $19.99, the ebook is available for free to all subscribers of the free EPL Talk Email Newsletter.If you haven’t subscribed yet and you want to get the free EPL travel guide ebook, take two minutes and sign up now. Or to learn more about the free ebook by visiting this page.Note: If you’re already a subscriber to the EPL Talk Email Newsletter, you should have received an email earlier this morning with a link to the free ebook.

3 thoughts on “Get A Free Premier League Travel Guide Ebook”

  1. Thank you for giving this out free!

    Now I can figure out how much money to budget to see a Premier League match.

    Any opinions Gaffer on where you believe the best experiences are held?

    I heard Anfield and Craven Cottage are great places to attend games.

  2. Matthew,

    Thanks for the nice compliment.

    Ah, there are so many jewels in England to see. Craven Cottage is quiet but so historic, like stepping back in time. I’ve been to Anfield but not for a match (that’s next on my list).

    Old Trafford and the Emirates Stadium can be quiet at times even for big matches.

    Personally, I’d recommend going to Goodison Park, Fratton Park, Villa Park and White Hart Lane.

    What do you, the rest of the readers, think?

    The Gaffer

  3. Anywhere but the new plasticky stadia – go to the places recommended by the Gaffer and stick to watching the others on tv. No atmosphere, no difference.

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