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Superliga Matchday Three: Houston – Guadalajara

Guadalajara holds off a pesky Houston team made up largely of reserves 1-0.

Second Half

The frantic pace continues with great attacking intent staring down two very structured and organized defensive sides. Cory Ashe continues his energetic play and the chances continue to pile up for both teams. Franco Carracio who has been a horror in MLS and US Open Cup play shows a quality he hasn’t demonstrated all season. Carracio has a header on goal saved by Ernest Michel. Then a controversial handball call on Carracio in the area wipes out what appeared to be a Dynamo goal. Guadalajara breaks a few minutes later quickly on a counter attack which results in confusion among the Dynamo defenders and a goal for Omar Arellano putting Chivas ahead.

The Dynamo bring on Wondo who immediately takes a great shot on goal but is robbed as Carracio whom he had replaced was by Michel. Houston’s lack of depth and lack of DeRosario, Ching and Holden seemed to have made the difference in Chivas’ favor tonight with mere minutes left to play. However, Houston kept pilling on the pressure forcing Michel to make stop after stop.

Houston deserved better for this effort but the lack of experience of their starting XI down the two most recognizable field players the club has in addition its best young player was too much to overcome.

First Half

An entertaining, open, go for broke type match that is very much befitting of two of the top club sides this corner of the globe has to offer. It has been a thrill a minute. Particularly good for Houston has been the midfield even without DeRosario. Brian Mullan has looked comfortable up top and Corey Ashe has been livey. Rico Clark’s mental toughness seemingly lost after some bad outings both with the US National Team and the Dynamo has returned. Guadalajara has been equally effective and skilled going forward. This first half has been a credit to the game of football.

Due to injuries and suspensions the Dynamo are exceedingly thin. Of their bench options, only Chris Wondolowski can be counted on to be a force in the attack. But Houston’s depth which has been tested all season may be less of a factor in a match where the team is clearly so driven to achieve a positive result than in the typical MLS regular season outing.

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3 Responses to Superliga Matchday Three: Houston – Guadalajara

  1. USA in 2010 says:

    A gutty inspired effort from the Dynamo.

    DC could take a lesson or two from them.

    But still another loss for MLS.

    My fear was when the mexican teams began taking this tournament seriously things would come crashing down for MLS.

    I will honest cross my heart tell you I saw this week coming after all the arrogance directed from MLS HQ and our fans about this event.

    I certainly hope MLS gets something from this event, or we will continue to rue Landon Donovan’s PK miss for evermore, until an MLS team actually wins a big game against mexican opposition.

  2. Football Detective says:

    DC doesn’t need any lessons.

    They are playing without Gallardo and Peralta and still made the games close.

    MLS teams have nothing to be ashamed of – the games have been quite competitive.

  3. Berlin says:

    That’s good, because I don’t want DC to know what’s about to hit them. Ianni, seriously, I couldn’t believe he was at fault again. That guy needs to quit worrying about the Olympics and start worrying about his job. I liked the 3-5-2, when the team gets healthy Ianni can fit right in, on the bench.

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