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Arsenal Away Shirt For The 08/09 Season: New Photo

arsenal away shirt Arsenal Away Shirt For The 08/09 Season: New Photo

Arsenal has released an official photograph of their new away shirt for the 2008/2009 season modeled by Cesc Fabregas. The shirt design is similar to the home shirt except that the away kit is yellow with navy sleeves and a red trim.

Manufactured by Nike, the new shirt design is based on the 1989 Championship winning kit, worn at Anfield, when Arsenal won the title with a last minute goal by Michael Thomas.

What do you think of the new shirt design? Click the comments link below and share your thoughts.

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25 Responses to Arsenal Away Shirt For The 08/09 Season: New Photo

  1. Peter says:


  2. Kayaga N. says:

    this is good more than the last seasons a way kit.

  3. tyduffy says:

    Ehh…I’m not purchasing that one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    its horrible the yellow colour is distgusting

  5. blatter says:

    Arsenal shud just stick to the yellow O2 designs
    back in the glory days

    nike are starting to make random designs
    they new designs r too simple

    adidas jerseys r just class>>>Liverpool,chelsea

  6. gunners says:

    omg….this really suckss, although i am an arsenal fan….i will not buying this jersey!nike suck!suck!

  7. toureee says:

    nike u suck! stupid! no brains! donno how 2 create a jersey!

  8. zeUS says:

    reali suck tis jersey….seem no improment than last year…..zzzzz….

  9. jimmy says:

    This new top sux big time, OMG. mustard yellow? hw disgusting. maybe these tops will distract the opposition and make them cock-up. but il still be supporting the boys. come on gunners!

  10. betsy's bolton bum baster says:


  11. Nike sucks says:

    I think arsenal should suck nike and turn to addidas.

  12. Darren says:

    I like it personally

  13. Ric says:

    Love it! Buying it for sure, probably with No. 4 Fabregas.

  14. Unknown says:

    Some of you muppets (More than likely Bandwagon supporters) who aint got a clue. Nike to simple etc… Blah Blah Blah.

    This is as close as they could get without infringing copyright to the Addidas 1988/89 League winning famous away shirt. The shirt from of the most famous Arsenal game ever.

    Don’t buy it if you don’t know and go and support Chelsea as there are plenty of other fans just like you.

  15. Todd says:

    when did the arse attract bandwagoners?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m an Arsenal fan and love the shirt. I won’t be buying it though because I’m a man (jerseys are for players and children).

  17. Van the Man says:

    Hmmm, not to keen. Hopefully it ‘ll grow on me. A V neck and no red piping would have been alot better, and alot more similar to the 89 kit!

  18. mnqobi says:

    i’m a big fan of arsenal i would like to say the jerseys are great just prefect i’m going to buy this one

  19. Igors says:

    love it! reminds me of possbily greatest night of my life. well done Nike and well done Arsenal!
    agreed that any Arsenal “fan” who doesnt like this kit is a “new” fan who thinks Arsenal is all about free flowing beautiful football, without a clue as to our history and traditions and the glorious years before Wenger. the most consistently challenging , biggest club in England. top flight football since 1919.. etc .. i could go on. Read up on the game: May 26th 1989 Anfield. Read about the circumstances surrounding the game, the strength of Liverpool, the underdogs from Highbury. Watch Fever Pitch for gods sake (in fact reading it is better).The mere mention of the date sends my mind wandering and the emotions all over the place and a shiver down the spine … cue Brian Moore, “Thomas through the midfield …. Thomas .. its up for grabs now! … “

  20. Anonymous says:

    that is fake

  21. Yusuf Olatunji Shorinola says:

    I like the Gunners kit for this season. Good for Nike. pass mark

  22. Arian says:

    Nike very good this season
    i like gunners kit

  23. Goodluck says:

    It is wonderfully possition we have right now i like the Arsenal but mativation is good for the player i like it

  24. I have it the new arsenal t-shirt it’s very cool and i like fabregas a lot so i have him behind the t-shirt.

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