Rare Football Memorabilia Found On eBay


  1. Collection of 50 tobacco cards of famous footballers from 1939. The 1930’s were the hey-dey for the hobby of collecting cigarette cards and vast amounts were produced especially of sport stars. This particular collection contains some beautifully colored photographs of footballers from the English leagues (pictured above). While the names of the clubs are familiar (Wolves, Plymouth, Sunderland, Sheffield United, Huddersfield, Leicester, etc), many of those great clubs aren’t as big or successful as they once were. Current bid: $10.83
  2. 1932-fa-cup-final-programme.JPG1932 FA Cup Final programme, Arsenal versus Newcastle United. The debate about whether a ball has crossed the line or not is nothing new.In the 1932 final, Arsenal had led 1-0 with a Bob John goal, but Newcastle’s equaliser came after a long ball had appeared to go over the goal line, and out for a goal kick. Newcastle winger Jimmy Richardson nevertheless crossed the ball back into play and Jack Allen levelled the match for the Magpies. The referee ruled that that the ball had not gone out of play, even though photographic evidence later showed that the ball had actually crossed the line, and the goal stood.

    The matchday programme is a work of art but it comes with a hefty price tag. Buy It Now price: $1,777

  3. arsenal-number-plate.JPGArsenal license plate. Take a look at this picture a few times to see if you can figure out how the ingenious Gunners fan was able to show the support for his team by using his creativity.License plates, known as number plates in the UK, can be very expensive to buy especially if someone else already has the combination of numbers and letters you’re looking for. While license plates in the States are issued state by state, they’re issued nationally in the UK. Plus the number plates must follow a very strict numbering and lettering system.  Starting bid: $8,901


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