Premier League Clubs Are Not Alone In Cashing In On Our Money

soul-for-sale.jpgMost of us would agree that Premier League clubs have sold out. Each year teams find new ways to cash in on our money by launching new football shirts, increasing ticket prices and selling overpriced souvenirs and merchandise. But are Premier League clubs really that different than other brands and forms of entertainment?

Think about it. Your favorite musician or band has sold out. So too has the movie actor you’ve idolized. That restaurant you go to all the time has opened up several new locations in the area, and the computer you’re reading this article on is already outdated and needs to be replaced by the newest model available.

In our hearts, we want our club to be about the football. But whether it’s the music artist, the Hollywood actor, the local restaurant, the computer company or your favorite Premier League team, they’re all in business to make money. They’ve all sold out already, so why should we expect anything different from our football team?

Everyone and everything is cashing in on our money. It’s not just the Premier League.

4 thoughts on “Premier League Clubs Are Not Alone In Cashing In On Our Money”

  1. There’s a difference between selling and selling-out.

    All bands sell stuff – CD’s, concert tickets, t-shirst – but when they do *another* greatest hits CD with 2 new songs, then they’re taking advantage of their fans’ loyalty to make a quick buck.

    An artist who sells themselves as anti-establishment, but then turns around and start hawking corporate junk, is selling-out their fans’ loyalty.

    Football clubs selling shirts is okay. But changing that shirt for no reason every year is taking advantage of their fans’ loyalty. The same with the annual price hikes on tickets that only go to fund the hyper-inflated wages of the footballers.

    The football clubs created the problem of increased player costs, and then passed the cost of that problem on to the fans.

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