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New Bolton Home Shirt Revealed For 2008/2009 Season

new bolton home shirt New Bolton Home Shirt Revealed For 2008/2009 Season

Bolton has unveiled their new home shirt for the 2008/2009 season. Out of all of the new shirts revealed so far this summer, Bolton’s is the most adventurous. Designed by Reebok, the shirt features the new Reebok logo, navy shoulders and a red trim.

Wanderers will also revert back to their traditional navy blue shorts for the new season.

The new shirt goes on sale to the public on July 24.

What are your thoughts about the new shirt? Post them here by clicking the comments link below.

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14 Responses to New Bolton Home Shirt Revealed For 2008/2009 Season

  1. One word: Sportsbra.

  2. patrick says:

    what is the deal with the scareware meta refresh page. Your page loads and I’m taken to the iMunizator site with OUT clicking anything. I’m on a mac. and that software actually gives you a trojan. google it, its got a bad rep.

  3. Hank says:

    It’s aweful. Another training top.

    Who signs off on these designs? And what’s with the font they used for “Reebok”? It looks like Steve MacDonald screen printed it on. Last year’s RBK logo was that home shirt’s only redeeming feature.

    Why can’t they go back to a collared shirt like other teams appear to be doing. I have a hard time dropping forty quid on a shirt anytime, but I’ll be damned if I’ll part with it for this T-shirt.

    And it does look a bit like a sports bra, or is it a big girl’s blouse?

  4. Lol. Good spot. Although the shorts look pretty wearable. A refreshing change from the all-white-pretty-dull kit that BW had.

  5. The Gaffer says:


    Not sure what you’re talking about. It must be something on your PC. If you can send me a screenshot, please do at thegaffer[at]epltalk[dot]com

    The Gaffer

  6. Jonny says:

    It’s not the best design, I like the way it’s the ‘brand new’ Reebok logo that we had for bout ten years.

    Gary doesn’t look too impressed with it either.

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  9. If i say it looks like a “John Magovern” shirt, do my bolton mates know what i mean?

    The hint is:

    It looks like the shoulder bit is a kind of “brace” giving the impression that the tight grey bit is pulling at the shoulders thereby making the shoulders to lean forward!

    Like John Magovern did with his weird shoulders!

  10. Ryan says:

    Yeah Gaffer, got the same pop up ad here, on a mac as well, clicked out of it before I thought to do a screengrab.

  11. Burt Reynolds says:

    Is he wearing a harness???

  12. mao says:

    The Bolton shirt looks awful. I understand uniform makers trying to do something interesting to get attention, but this is just bad. Not that last year’s look was very good either.

  13. Milo says:

    I remember a design like that….it was the one I drew in junior school.

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