12 thoughts on “Barack Obama Supports West Ham United”

  1. The Clintons support Man United and John McCain supports no soccer team because he’s a “true American”.

  2. LOL!

    The Clinton’s are front runners looking for votes. Recall Hillary supports the Yankees, because she needed an AL team to root for.
    Good one BBBB

    McCain and his team probably hate soccer.

    I know Jonathan will come after me for this but soccer fans in this country are 90% liberal. Seriously, I’ve found that because we are more worldly and open minded and not into the Fox News dogma.

    BTW, I’ve long thought about writing a book comparing college football and college basketball fans. Those that are more into basketball tend to be more liberal, open minded and also more intellectual in their analysis of the game while those more into football tend to be more conservative and “me too” fans. ie. “my team is the best, everyone else sucks, I like seeing violence, we should bomb Beriut while I sit back and sip my martini at the country club because I don’t need to serve in the military, let the poor schmuck die for freedom, etc, etc.”

    I’ve just offended the red half of America. Oh well.

    (Let me add I do like College Football. I just notice the people I am around at football games and basketball games at many different venues have been different for 20 plus years. Seriously, they are totally different even on the same campus!)

  3. Any American of such impecable taste will not make it to the high office he is seeking. Unfortunately.

  4. Well college football is by far more popular than college basketball and the sport of american football is definitely more of a “rural white farmer” or “all-american” type of game. In college basketball it is a game that has a majority black players and small private (and liberal) schools (dook university) can easily succeed. I don’t think it is a matter of black and white, more like a matter of haves and have-nots. The schools that succeed in college football are the giant public schools with big money to spend while the rest of the schools basically settle for college basketball as their money sport. Which is why the majority of the Big East and ACC schools rule in basketball and retarded rural area schools like the SEC or rural Big Ten rule in football.

  5. well, now I can add West Ham to the list of teams that I hate. and don’t count me in the ‘90% liberal’ category of soccer fans. count me in the ‘10% intelligent’ category of soccer fans. i guess that 90% comment above explains why there are so many retarded footy fans in this country…..

  6. Proud to be a progressive American soccer fan and hope President Barack can attend a Hammers game on his first Presidential visit to the UK. It would be great for all EPL fans in the US.

    Note on NCAA basketball, the strongest NCAA basketball states over the years have been the middle America rural states of Kansas, Indiana, and Kentucky. Does this throw off any ideas of basketballs popularity? Also, football schools like ND, BC, and Kartik’s favorite the “U” are not massive enrollment state schools and Boise State has done very well recently.

  7. BBBB is basically right Lou. Those middle American states are the exception the home of College Basketball but now the game has moved its emphasis in many ways, and he read exactly what I was saying comparing the fans of both sports. Even on a campus like UF where I went, the more liberal, eclectic people could be seen at the O-Dome and many would jump town on big football weekends.

    The “U” will be stronger in Basketball from here on out that Football. Being a small private school competiting in a major conference, football is too expensive especially now with all the state schools spending so much of their budget on it.

    BBBB is right on the money= 100% right.

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