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In 1982, when Kevin Toms launched the original Football Manager simulation game, it was a seismic event that allowed football supporters, for the first time, to experience what it was like to be in the manager’s hot seat.The role of a manager and football simulation games have changed a lot since then, but at the heart of all of the games, they’re still incredibly addictive. Like a drug dealer hooking his customers on illegal substances, here are five free samples of the best football simulation games available online:

Soccer Manager. Their owners call their site “The world’s best free online soccer manager game,” and they may be right. This highly addictive game allows you to pick your favorite club and play against fellow fans from around the world. The concept of the game is pretty straightforward so it’s easy to get started. The design and navigation could be improved to make the experience more intuitive, but overall this is definitely a winner.

Hattrick. The granddaddy of online football simulation games is celebrating 10 years in existence and is nearing the one million mark in the number of registered players. It’s been a while since I’ve played this one, but it was easy to use and the type of game you could easily spend tons of quality time on. Hattrick has an international flavor about it, which isn’t surprising considering that it was developed in Sweden and has 44 different language versions.

Power Soccer. This Java-based game works best on a Windows machine with a broadband connection. I’m running Leopard on a Macbook so I had difficulty getting the game to work, but from what I saw, this looks like it could keep soccer fans up through the night — not only from the constant loading of files, but also from hours of playing the game.

Football Superstars. Football Superstars is the first and only Virtual Football World. An entire online football game designed by football fans exclusively for football fans, where you can enjoy a FREE to play massively multiplayer experience on your PC.

I AM PLAYR. The game allows users to witness first hand exactly what it’s like to be a young, up and coming footballer working your way up through the ranks at River Park F.C. Training, match day and extra-curricular activities are all interspersed with real life live footage provided by professional actors who make you feel as if you’re actually in the changing room getting the hair dryer treatment at halftime. But beware, when brash playmaker Billy Laidlaw asks you to join him at the club after your first match, you better be ready to make a quick decision to accept his invitation or head home for some much needed recovery.

What’s been your experience with online football simulation games and are you addicted to any of the ones mentioned above? Share your opinion by clicking the comments link below.

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  1. I go for Trophy Manager (trophymanager.com) for my browser-based multiplayer manager simming myself.

    Football Manager Live is on my radar, but TM is free, and I don’t quite think I’m interested in /paying/ for the inevitable balance issues that ensue in these games.

    (re: Hattrick et al, I don’t know who decided to replace using the numbers 1-15 for stats with descriptives like “wretched”, “poor”, “weak”, “good”, “very good”, “fantastic”, “lousy”, “so-so”, etc etc, but it’s just about the worst idea in the entire history of computer games.)

  2. I am a FM junkie, I don’t know how many hours of my life or how many grades have suffered due to the game. I am looking forward to FM online as well.

  3. I just signed up for Soccer Manager (Xpert11 was blocked at work, so I need a new addiction). Is anyone else on SM and has recommendations for where I should play?

  4. I been playing SM for awhile now and I would suggest getting into a new league that has not yet begun to play. This way you have recent players and can start making moves before the season starts. Be aware that the popular teams get taken really fast so you may just have to keep checking leagues to find a open team you want.

  5. looks like sunderland may go down in the premiership but this leaves opportunity for Hull or Newcastle to survive … whos going to take it ? hmmm …

  6. What about Football Superstars? This game is the best by far and you play against real people. You could spend your entire life in there as they have nightclubs, gyms, everything!

  7. Come on…
    None of these games ever come close to Planetarium Manager.
    It is the only manager game where the tactics play such a huge role. You can beat a better team if you hit them at their weak spot. The rest of the games out there are worthless in the sense that you send a starting 11 and you get a result that no one can explain…

    1. Plantarium has been the best for a while, i am playing it since 5 years ago.
      My name there is “Basilio the special one” (team id1940).
      If you like tactics, try it.
      You will not regret it guys

  8. Soccer manager is a good game but I would not recommend it at the gold membership level, as the administrators are less than honest in their treatment of members. The free game is ok but too easy

  9. the best i found is 11×11.com, great game and interface, yes some problems, but still the best i find so far.

    virtualmanager.com is okay, the rest are pretty terrible… either with features or interface. some are great games, but have terrible interface or other small problems.

  10. Sammer +1, which is good and being the first to point us get up before … Simple to play and in turn has an engine with many game variations … Recommended 100% good, good, good;)

  11. footiemanager.com

    It has been going since 1999. thats 14 years now. it has one programmar which continues to add to it in his spare time.

    Footiemanager isnt the best football management game out there but it is very addictive. Its a clean, simple game and a wonderful community of people who have been around from the start.

    Any game which can make people log in almost every day for 10+ years cant be bad.

    processing is twice a week.

    Try it out

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