MLS Midseason Report Part I


Ralston’s return from injury helped the Revs big run/photo from Soccernet 

CSRN’s American Soccer Spot Midseason Awards:


Best team: New England Revolution

Best DP signing: Macello Gallardo, DC United

 Best non DP signing: Amado Guevara, Toronto FC

 Best value international signing: Kheli Dube, New England

 Best young player (under 20): Sue?o MLS winner Jorge Flores

 Worst DP signing: Claudio Lopez, Kansas City

 Worst international signing: Franco Carracio, Houston

 Worst big name half season: Juan Toja, FC Dallas

 Best overall player (best individual talent and ability): Landon Donovan, Los Angeles

 Most Valuable Player (most valuable to team): Steve Ralson, NE Revolution

 (runner up)   Frankie Hedjuk, Columbus

Ranking the teams 1-14 (based on performance in the 1st half of the season and potential for 2nd half of the season with the current squad)


1-     New England

2-     Columbus

3-     Toronto FC

4-     LA Galaxy

5-     DC United

6-     Houston

7-     Real Salt Lake

8-     Chicago

9-     Colorado

10-  Chivas USA

11-   NY Red Bulls

12-  San Jose

13-  Kansas City

14-  FC Dallas

This list is based on the current squad not potential signings (ie Brian McBride, Francisco Lima, etc). Thursday we’ll break down each individual team and what they need to improve.


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