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Join The 2008/2009 Fantasy Premier League

fantasy premier league Join The 2008/2009 Fantasy Premier LeagueGreat news. The Premier League has opened the doors to its 2008/2009 Fantasy Premier League, and on behalf of EPL Talk, I’d like to invite you to join our private league.

To play for free against hundreds of football fans from around the world, here’s all you have to do:

  1. Visit the Fantasy Premier League site and log in
  2. If you’ve never registered before, go to
  3. After logging in, click the ‘League’ link in the left navigation
  4. In the “Join A League” field, enter the code 55864-15648 and then click the ‘Join League’ button

Last season, out of the 113,062 teams that participated in the competition, the EPL Talk private league ended in 61st position and had 430 players participating. Let’s try to beat those records this season!

The winner of the EPL Talk Fantasy Premier League will receive a package of Premier League-related prizes from EPL Talk, so may the best manager win!

Join the 2009-2010 Fantasy Premier League today!

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49 Responses to Join The 2008/2009 Fantasy Premier League

  1. Sure, I’m in (and I didn’t play last year so that’s +1 already!)

    I’ll get set-up tonight.

  2. MAO says:

    Same here. Did the soccernet fantasy league two years ago, it’s first year. I’m sure this will run better.

  3. krr says:

    do you know when the premier league fantasy will reflect the recent transfers, e.g. deco…?

  4. Kat Kid says:

    KatKid’sHoopdeHoops in the house!

  5. Ian says:

    Can you send me an email about my prizes for winning last season’s EPL Talk league please? :)

  6. jeff says:


    Could you also join a friends league, the code is:-



  7. jeff says:

    Please ignore the above code, the correct one is:-


  8. Arul says:

    Looking forward to another fpl season..
    ’til then the pre-season is well under way

  9. mr vik says:

    anyone who doesnt have a league join ours

  10. sean says:

    anyone wanna join a arsenal lovers fantasy premier leagues league

    da code is 304563-67623

  11. Dan says:

    same old chelsea

    always winning

  12. Chris says:

    if anyone i interested in joining my fantasy premier league comp. the code is 346559-80172

  13. Yus says:


    the kickbola league

  14. hafidh says:

    anyone who doesnt have a league join ours


  15. kevin says:

    here is a little gem I like to call the undiscovered country,

    fantasy football research guide

  16. hasan says:

    sent to my email the EPL match schedule for session 2008/2009

  17. The Gaffer says:


    Premier League schedules are copyrighted material. Please visit for that information.

    The Gaffer

  18. heppi says:

    hey whats up help me start a leuage heres tha code 295813-230988

  19. milz10 says:

    join my league


  20. João says:

    juntem-se a esta liga: 890994-163019

    Join ;D

  21. GG says:

    anyone need to join the simple and classic tounament of Fantasy – email to


  22. tambuah says:

    i will join all league…thanks for codes

  23. aron says:

    best league join it 1614149-311231

  24. aron says:


  25. aron says:

    come u now u want to join it 1614149-311231

  26. Soccer Admin. says:

    Wanna Play Soccer/ Football, join my league: 27109-235201

  27. This League is targeted for south Asian people who are in fantasy Premier League, but any one is welcome to join. Come all guys who believe in stiff competition.

    CODE : 27109-235201

  28. lee odwyer says:

    all of u r gay

  29. mason says:

    1954981-394219 is my league code!!
    for Fantasy Premier Leagues.
    join my league!!!
    Gameweek 1– (16th)August

  30. Gru says:

    Come one and all and join my league especially Chelsea fans

  31. Gru says:

    My leagu code is 85799-25236 . The more the challenging

  32. king singh says:

    2009-2010 brand new leg.



  33. Jamie May says:

    Join My League And My Head To Head

  34. ricardo says:

    This is the second year i have participated in the FFL. Last year I joined midway through the season. I really enjoyed the ups and downs of managing my team. So this year I have decided to set up 2 leagues. Come and join me and lets have some fun. I will activate the forum so we can have a chat etc when the season starts.

    I am trying to build a small league, say around 20 teams. I don’t think I have enough friends to do this so please feel free to join the league

    there is also a head 2 head league too

    126620-41389 for normal/classic
    126620-51512 for head 2 head

    I will close the league when I think I have enough players.

  35. azmudin says:


    join my league 277713-119133.

  36. as says:

    To Join the Warez-BB League use this code -> 190465-10750
    To Join the W-BB Head to Head League use this code ->190465-10819
    rapidshare accounts as prizes

  37. Aidan says:

    Hey Join My Head To Head League Raptors Cup 09/10. There is 19 places LEFT. Join now :)

  38. C3sc F48r3g4s says:

    for any code i enter it says that its not valid anyone knows solution answer pls

  39. winner says:

    im joining for sure i already came first last year muahahahahaha

  40. NJ says:

    come u now u want to join it
    440972-101896 public
    440972-102060 head to head

    1409536-260457 »
    1409536-260461 »

  41. Apai says:

    join my league 1627797-295322 it’s the best league !!! come join it !!!

  42. Sarwar says:

    my league code is 1937623-426782
    LATEST CODE! The more the challengers, the more the challenge
    hope you all join and enjoy.

  43. John Hanif says:

    Join my league…..
    Welcome to da club!!!

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