New 08/09 Blackburn Rovers Away Shirt Revealed


A photograph of the new Blackburn Rovers away shirt for the 2008/2009 season has been leaked. Designed and manufactured by Umbro and sponsored by Crown Paints, the new design is very unique by Rovers standards.

The navy blue away shirt features the familiar blue and white colors of Blackburn’s home kit that run down the center of the shirt. The collar design is also very unique and stylish.

The picture was found on the Sports Direct website.

What’s your opinion of the new away shirt design? Click the comments link below and share your feedback.

8 thoughts on “New 08/09 Blackburn Rovers Away Shirt Revealed”

  1. Stylish, but personally I prefer that we keep the same design as the new home shirt, just in different colours, say red and black for the away shirts replacing exactly the blue and white home colours.
    Why can’t there be more continuity in away shirts?
    It must be difficult for the players during the first few away games. A split seconds hesitation in a pass, when looking at a new unfamiliar kit, could cost a goal and 3 points.

  2. Oh. Thats really good. I can imagine Roque Santa Cruz looking even more ‘sexy’ in that outfit.

    And also the sponsor logo is better than the Bet-24 that they sported last season.

  3. Pretty nice looking. I definately prefer last seasons red and black over it. Actually i think last years kit was a huge success and they are not building on it, especially with the home shirt. It was really slick last year and from what we’ve seen so far of the new home shirt, it just went back to being dull and lacking that extra something. Although you could give me a blue and white halved too-too and i would gladly wear that over any other PL kit.

  4. Before you all start saying “oh it’s not as good as last seasons”- we are keeping that red and black halved kit as our third kit. Which we will wear away at Everton, West Brom, Chelsea etc. I do like the look of the new away shirt though (y)

  5. Wrong, the Red/Black halved kit is gone, replaced by a white kit. I am trying to find somewhere to buy the red and black, but no such luck. I am really pissed off, as I loved the red/black one.

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