New Match Fix Scandal Hits Serie A

lega_calcio.pngThe BBC,, The Guardian and other news sources are reporting that five players have been charged over alleged match-fixing of last season’s Serie A fixtures between Atalanta and relegated Livorno.

Atalanta’s Gian Paolo Bellini and Livorno’s former captain David Balleri have been charged with match-fixing. Brothers Emanuele and Antonio Filippini and team-mate Alessandro Grandoni from Livorno have been charged for failing to inform authorities about the events.

We’ll follow this story and bring you more about it as it breaks. Neither of the clubs are involved in UEFA-sanctioned competitions.

3 thoughts on “New Match Fix Scandal Hits Serie A”

  1. Re the comments on the Premiership by Soccer Writer. I’m a life long fan of soccer and think the Premiership is crooked. I would add that anyone who thinks the premiership is the best in the world and free from corruption lives in a dream world. The so called ‘beautiful game’ is rotten to the core. Why do most other modern day sports have 4th + officials to resolve tenuous decisions. Guus Hiddink called for it in the premiership and said that the technology was available to English football in the 1980’s, technology has moved on in leaps and bounds. Hawk-eye is one such system proven to work and is one which takes seconds to make a correct call. It’s use would ease the way for referees, the system used in rugby and cricket where the ref or umpire can go to the 4th official means that a fair decision can be made in a small amount of time. If the powers that be claim it would slow the Beautiful Game down so much they should look at the time wasted by certain individuals rolling around on the pitch! A 4th official would have shown that Manchester Utd’s Fletcher made contact with the ball and should not have been shown a red card. Further the way in which extra time is added is a farce, why not stop the clock as is done in a Rugby match?
    The answer is there’s too much money involved, it’s fixed, it’s rigged, it’s crooked and it’s rotten to the core!!!
    Beautiful game My Tuckus!!

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