Whitecaps hand TFC First BMO Loss of 2008

Martin Nash (the brother of Steve Nash) calmly sank a penalty to give the Vancouver Whitecaps a critical 1-0 win in the round robin Canadian Cup over Toronto FC last night. Between the Canadian and US Open Cups Major League Soccer won five of the nine matchups with the North American second division yesterday. (which included three matches where the MLS team found itself a man up for over 45 minutes) That’s certainly not an overwhelming number and while I have already seen some nice spin from MLS apologists, later today we’ll objectively compare the MLS and USL and explain why every year many MLS teams struggle in the US Open Cup.

One thought on “Whitecaps hand TFC First BMO Loss of 2008”

  1. I was at the Sounders/Chivas game last night, and except for Rasov, the Goats played full strength.

    From what I could tell, Chivas looked back on its heals from the attitude Sounders were taking towards the game. At one point, Kljestan was trying to direct traffic outside of the penalty box and couldn’t find a through ball to anyone. He ended up passing back in frustration, and that pass (if I remember) was picked off.

    Flores, especially when he was playing on my side in the second half, looked winded and troubled by the aggressive defense. Chivas tried to win this one, but couldn’t.

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