Chelsea Launches Redesigned Website


Chelsea today launched a redesigned version of its club website. The new look-and-feel of the site is completely different than the previous incarnation which was a very difficult to navigate site designed in Flash that was launched in November 2006 by Premium TV.

The new site is much more intuitive and interactive than the previous version. And most importantly, it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for.

The Chelsea site now features a chat section as well as user-generated blogs, polls and much more — all contained within a section aptly named The Shed.

Overall, the site has a much more consistent design that we’ve become accustomed to when visiting other football websites. Watch EPL Talk in the coming weeks for a more complete review of the new Chelsea website.

4 thoughts on “Chelsea Launches Redesigned Website”

  1. To be fair, it couldnt have been worse than the old one. It was the worst website of any professional club ive ever visited.

  2. From a first glance, I’d give this 5/10.

    There seems to be some effort to include some original content that takes advantage of their ‘insider’ advantage. And there’s also some effort to corral the fans into producing content in the ‘shed’ area.

    However, the front page is a mess. I’m literally getting a headache trying to take it all in (maybe I’m just a bit fragile this morning).

    For instance, there are FIVE different places to access what could be considered ‘news’. (The top-line menu, the picture box in the top-left, the video looking control in the top-right, the most-popular list, the ‘Stamford Bridge’ bit in the bottom-right).

    There are also fourteen different logo’s or boxes dedicted to sponsors or selling opportunities.

    The navigation breaks many ground rules that will disorient the user (trying clicking the ‘back’ button, some options navigate away from the main page, while others open new windows).

    And while there is a notion of having the user sign-up and sign-in, there’s no explanation or inducement as to why I would want to do this.

    Can anyone find a Premier League site that isn’t a terrible mish-mash of EVERYTHING on the home page?

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