Official Premier League Ball For 08/09 Season


The Premier League has unveiled its official ball for the 2008/2009 season, which features a unique red stripe design. Named the Nike Total 90 Omni Ball, the ball features geometrically precise panel shapes which distribute pressure evenly across panels and around the ball for consistent, accurate and powerful striking.

It also features cross-linked, nitrogen-expanded foam casing around the ball to produce exceptional shape retention and durability.

8 thoughts on “Official Premier League Ball For 08/09 Season”

  1. I wish they had told us in previous years that the ball DIDN’T distribute pressure evenly and it DIDN’T have a 360-degree sweet spot.

    Every year they claim victory over something we didn’t even know was broken!

    You’d almost think it was just marketing bullshit.

  2. this is a cool ball i bought it yesterday from a nearest nike shop 😉 but its pretty hard and hurts when i kick it.. any softer ones?? can you name it??

  3. Actually Lehmann has just finished a Nike photo shooting to promote the new Nike winder ball. Nike is his sponsor and he has played with Nike balls for years so why would he make a comment about it? 😉

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