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New 08/09 Blackburn Rovers Home Shirt Revealed

new blackburn rovers home shirt New 08/09 Blackburn Rovers Home Shirt Revealed

Blackburn Rovers has unveiled their new home shirt for the 2008/2009 season. New manager Paul Ince is pictured on their website holding the above shirt. Manufactured by Umbro and sponsored by Crown Paints, the new shirt looks like it has removed the red trim that was a part of last year’s kit design.

What are your thoughts about the new shirt design? Share your opinions below by clicking the comments link.

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24 Responses to New 08/09 Blackburn Rovers Home Shirt Revealed

  1. Mark says:

    Last years shirt looked much better, even with the stick on BET 24 logo, the red trim was good, whats goin on??

  2. Patrick says:

    Looks pretty much the same. Shame about the Crown Paints logo just takes over the kit. Looks like one of the South American kits or Mexican with 100′s of ugly logos everywhere.

    and Paul Ince is still looking like the judas bastard he is… and that’s being nice.

  3. ashley says:

    Not the best shirt we have made, could do with being sponsored by addidas/ nike for a good kit!PS get rid of the spoilt brat Bentley – overated!

  4. Paul says:

    Not as nice as last seasons kit

  5. Craig says:

    Thats horrible :(

  6. Craig says:

    Swap Lennon and 8mill for Bentley b4 Spurs change their minds

  7. callum says:

    awful kit!!!

  8. Dave says:

    Thats not the actual kit, its just a quick mock up for Ince to hold up…hence no Umbro badge and the lack of launch of the kit on the clubs website!!!

  9. JT says:

    Quite simply the worst shirt yet, I don’t think I’m going to buy this!!!!

  10. Nathan says:

    I hope dave is right and this is just a quick mock up. although if they were gonna do that they could have used an 07 shirt… yet again im sure the new sponsors wouldn’t be happy with the old sponsor being shown held up by the new manager. yeah the more i think about it the more i think it is actually a mock up. if they had the new shirts out, the club would be the first to announce it. I’ve got a feeling that they haven’t said anything about the ince shirt being the new kit because they know its ugly and perhaps want to see the fans reactions to it before it goes into full production. My suggestion: stick with the red trim and letters. It pulls everything together and really finishes off the shirt nicely.

  11. Patrick says:

    It is a fantastic kit, finally we no awfull bet24 logo. Crown is the best sponsor since 1995.
    I am gona by two of those.

  12. jamie eggy says:

    Very PLAIN !!!! Where’s all the colour gone and is the new away kit gunner be brown !!! mite chuck sum crown paint on it and brighten it up abit eh !!! Anyway i think the appointment of Incey is excellent, and Benters may as well rot in reserves !!! Cant wait for new season, whatever happens over summer . KEEP THE BLUE FLAG FLYING HIGH

  13. Brown Eye says:

    Are you all stupid!?!?!? Of course this isn’t our real kit!!! As Dave said, The kit shown is just a just mock up of the kit to come in the future! There is ALWAYS an official launch day of new kits and there hasn’t been one yet so stop getting too excited!

  14. Jack Croft says:

    What a plain kit this is i hope its a mock up because the crown plaints logo is shit and makes the whole
    t-shirt look bad.

  15. Carl Hatch says:

    The worst shirt for years.:(

    At least with the BET24 logo it was a good design this is just pure rubbish.

    Gimmie 10 mins I’ll knock somthing up in Photoshop.

  16. en says:

    hahhahahahhaaah this is a mock up kit you fools

  17. pubbah1875 says:

    Its not that bad. So long as we get a top 6 finish. Keep the black and red away shirt. Bentley will be stupid to leave Rovers. Correct me if im wrong but he has already failed at a top 4 side. Get Benni back to his best and we will be flying next season. Cmon the Rovers.

  18. ryan says:

    this is photoshopped as hell. the original photo is ince holding a shirt with his name and the number 1 on the back.

  19. Raeesa says:

    soo wahh if the kits crapp…its about the teamm..
    and btw…each football stadium was painted in that crown painnt..sooo its a sik sponser muhaha

  20. samantha says:

    I dont like this shirt at all. Whats the crack with the crown logo???????????? Come on Blackburn have plently of money to shell out on a better shirt than that. They need to fire their designers and get someone who can think for a change instead of just throwing something together for the sack of it.

  21. Oliver Kirkman says:

    It’s a shame. crap kit but it is only a mock up for big man to show off. lets hope the real one has red trim. oh and that umbro realise that red and black is blackburn away from home.

  22. speedy says:

    it is not the new one cos i ordered it

  23. The Gaffer says:

    Looks like it’s the right shirt after all. Here’s a picture of Rovers wearing it during a pre-season match:

    The Gaffer

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