EPL Talk Fantasy Football: Euro 2008 Winds Down

euro-2008-fantasy-football.jpgThere’s just one game left in Euro 2008, which means there’s one last chance to get as many points as possible in the EPL Talk Euro 2008 Fantasy Football game. The winner will receive a replica jersey of the Euro 2008 team of his or her choice courtesy of Subside Sports.

Here’s the top 10 rankings as of writing:

  1. Scursed, Saulius Valasinas, 288 pts
  2. Alpine Wanderers, MT, 265
  3. Riverdale FC, James Dutra, 264
  4. UDontNoWhatYrDoingFC, Pat Pence, 263
  5. The Man Moths, jude eichas, 261
  6. Athleague FC, Little Rudiger Connaughton, 249
  7. Walker’s Old Boys, Kevin Walker, 249
  8. DonBoscoFC, Zeeshan Ali, 248
  9. orlando-everton, Mark Carson, 245
  10. KambeNFC, biawak rakus, 243

If you forgot how to log into your fantasy account, read EPL Talk’s article for more details.

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