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soccer-fans.gifIf you’re not reading the other sites in our network, you’re missing some great articles.

Soccer On Dish writes about how the curse of ITVN has returned to Setanta Sports. La Liga Talk interviews Guillem Balague. Jeff Hash at Major League Soccer Talk writes about the latest results in the U.S. Open Cup (the tournament that’s older than the FA Cup), while Kartik Krishnaiyer on the same site talks about CONCACAF World Cup qualifying as well as the latest MLS news.

Shakira Graham over at Championship Talk provides the comprehensive list of preseason friendlies for Championship clubs. Condolences to Shakira for the loss of her mother.

At World Cup Buzz, Kartik discusses how the second round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying has wrapped up, while Justin Franklin questions whether Euro success leads to World Cup success.

Thanks to all of the bloggers on the entire network for writing about the game we love.

6 thoughts on “Latest Soccer News From Around The World”

  1. Gaffer-

    I’ve been reading the EPL Talk blog for some while now, and I really do enjoy your posts. Honestly, I can’t say the same for the others who post on this blog (I’m talkin about EPL Talk specifically, not any of the other blogs in your network). Your posts are always a bit different, covering things related to the sport, but not directly covering matches or opinion pieces. Have you considered making the EPL Talk blog just your’s, or at least preceding each post with the author’s name?

    I used to read every posting on this blog, but honestly, I have no interest in opinion pieces, or news that I can readily get anywhere else. No offense to the other bloggers, but what made this blog special was the unique content the Gaffer provides in his posts.

  2. I kiss Football, your opinion is valid but I disagree strongly.

    Paul’s match previews have actually been thorough and some of the best stuff on the web for the Euros. Some of you jump on him for his picks, but try making picks openly and honestly for every Euro match as he does and we’ll compare scores, aye?

  3. Ikissfootball,

    Thanks for your compliments. While I appreciate your feedback, I think it’s constructive to have different opinions on the blog from other writers.

    There are so many topics to cover related to Premier League football that it’s nice to have people with different perspectives.

    Each article features the name of the writer under the headline. Jeff Hash has been writing about TV ratings, which are always interesting. Paul Bestall’s article about Euro 2008 coverage on British TV was eyeopening, and I could go on and on.

    I don’t expect you to agree with all of the opinions or be interested by all of the articles, but overall I hope you find the experience at EPL Talk enjoyable.

    The Gaffer

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