New 08/09 Wigan Athletic Home Shirt


Wigan’s new home shirt for the 2008/2009 season is now available for pre-order from their website. The official launch date for the new Wigan kit is July 15.

Pictured above, the new shirt is modeled by Emile Heskey and designed and manufactured by Champion. In the United States, Champion is best known for their bras, panties and underwear than soccer apparel.

What’s your opinion about the new shirt? Click the comments link below and let us know.

7 thoughts on “New 08/09 Wigan Athletic Home Shirt”

  1. I’m from the united states and I have a couple Champion sweatshirts, pairs of athletic shorts and moisture wicking shirts (all really good stuff), and didn’t know they made underwear… so i’m not sure where you got your information about what they’re known for over here…

  2. Yeah I live in America too and I have a couple of Champion basketball jerseys, I had no clue they made underwear either.

  3. Yeah…never encountered a woman wearing champion panties and can’t say I’ve ever had a pair myself, maybe a sweatshirt or two, nice sweatpants as well. But regardless, nice kit, the logo looks trash though.

  4. I find it hilarious that an English Premier League team will wear a Champion shirt. Maybe next year Wigan can strike a deal with L.A. Gear.

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